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Antidote Street's Hair Lab Bus Tour hits London

Antidote Street is an online stockist for Afro-centric hair products - but this summer they embarked on an offline hair tour!

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Should you base your skincare around your period?

Cyclical skincare is the new way to achieve glowing skin - here's how to harness a beauty arsenal that syncs with your hormones

How to get the most out of your jewellery

Make smarter decisions with your jewellery by swapping out cheap fashion accessories for timeless investment pieces

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5 creative make-up looks for Notting Hill Carnival

Want to turn heads at carnival this year? Get your inspiration from these five bright, bold and beautiful make-up looks
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What the editor is wearing

Spell Magazine Editor Jemima Cousins serves inches with the new Instant Pony. 24 inches of smooth texture and bold colour, to be exact!
Hair & Beauty

Words of wisdom from powerful women

Here are some more powerful quotes from some of our favourite heroines to remind you of how much of a female boss you are…

The Spell-ometer August 2019

From the sequel to bestselling book Slay in Your Lane, to sports season coming to an end, we look at what's hot and what's not!
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