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Braids set to rock this spring

We know it's easy to stick with those styles you know and love, but these braid trends are super hot - and you'll want to try them

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Upgrade your hair extensions

If your hair is looking worse for wear, could it be time to replace your old, trusty hair extensions with a new, more luxurious set?

How to tailor your beauty routine to combat January blues

Press reset on your body and mind by incorporating these spiritually-led hair and beauty brands into your daily routine

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How to nail wearing make-up with glasses

While suiting make-up around glasses can often be tricky, we've got some super simple tips to ensure a flawless look.
Hair & Beauty

Recommended read: Shaping Up Culture

Looking for an unputdownable book to add to your reading list during this bleak January? We've got the perfect one for you...

Use this tool for laid edges

Slick, swoop and define with this all-in-one tool for creating the sleekest edge styles - plus, it looks cute on your dressing table
Hair & Beauty

Save VS splurge: Scalp relief

We look at two products to relieve itchy scalps, soothes tension from protective styles, and condition the scalp and hair.
Hair & Beauty
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