Yomi Onashile

The founder of new wig maintenance service The Wig Bar London discusses her own hair journey and feeling beautiful with or without a wig...

"The wigs that arrive at The Wig Bar London HQ tend to be dull and lifeless virgin hair, but that's nothing an effective maintenance routine can't fix. Our cleaning service includes a clarifying shampoo to remove oil, dirt and product build up, followed by a nourishing shampoo and conditioner to add moisture. If you wear your wig every day, I recommend having our service every two weeks. Wearing a wig once or twice a week means you should have it serviced every six to eight weeks. Having your wig revamped not only saves money but also gives you that fresh salon feeling too."

"A newly transformed wig can make a woman feel brand new. It's on par to leaving the salon with a fresh blow-dry and your confidence is on 100!"

"When it comes to my own wig journey, I played it safe in the beginning. I felt self-conscious and was reluctant to draw attention to myself with elaborate styles. Now I'm happy to experiment more."

"I'm big on advocating healthy hair practices alongside wearing wigs and weaves. It's important to let women know that their own hair is still valued and beautiful, whether it's on show or is being protected underneath a wig or weave. At the end of the day, both options are still 'you'."

Yomi Onashile

"I’m relaxed now, but the latest addition to my haircare routine is Salonplex by Syoss. Its basically an Olaplex dupe, but I like it and it works. It repairs the broken bonds in your hair caused by chemical treatment and thermal styling. Since using it my hair feels stronger and smoother."

"I have a long list of hair crushes but topping the list are Ciara and Teyana Taylor. They don’t just change their hair, they adapt their whole look to match. I love when there’s synergy between an outfit and a hairstyle."

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