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Taking hair growth matters into their own hands, co-founders Paula Francisco, Maria De Carvalho and Vania De Sousa reveal their secrets for attaining lush locks.

You’ve all gone through the transition to natural hair. How did your journeys compare?

Our transition journey was really nice and enjoyable as we got to do together using the vproyals products. As the vproyals products are suitable for all-natural hair types we were all able to notice differences in the health, growth and moisture retention of our hair despite having different hair types. The only difference we would say was in the way we chose to use each of the products to accommodate our hair types and trying out new hair styles.

What’s the key to working successfully with your family?

From our own personal experience, we believe there are several keys to successfully working with your family. First and foremost, it’s important to acknowledge that we are unique individuals, with different personalities, so we uphold a principle of understanding and respecting each other’s opinions, roles and responsibilities. Communication is also of vital importance; knowing how to respond and deliver your opinion/point of view/ideas when discussing different occurring situations can help to avoid unnecessary disagreements. Another key principle that has helped us is separating our business relationship with our personal relationship with one another, we ensure that business discussions are kept separate during our personal family time together.

What’s your advice to other women who want to start out in the beauty business?

Our advice to other women who want to start out in the beauty business is to know which sector of beauty they would like endeavour in and why. After establishing this, carry out the necessary research and attain knowledge within that area. Write up a business plan, establish the costs involved as well as the time needed to invest in the business. Believe in yourself and start with what you have, as we have seen a lot of people express that they don’t have the financial needs to start and in turn put their dreams on hold because of that. But from our own personal experience we have seen that it’s possible to start with what you have -we simply invested £150 to launch our business.

VP Royals

Tell us about your family’s link with mupeque oil and its benefits for hair!

We are originally from Angola where the Mupeque oil is produced. It’s one of the products that was incorporated in our hair care routine as children. The oil has several benefits: it stimulates hair growth, strengthens and moisturises the hair and scalp, as well as helping to treating lice.

9 out of 10 products in the VP Royals range are vegan - why is this important to you?

This is important to us because what we put on the outside of our bodies is just as important as what we put inside. Some of the ingredients within the products we use on our day to day can be absorbed into our bloodstream (depending on a number of factors) via our skin/scalp etc, and if they are toxic it can have adverse effects on our health over time. So, it’s important that we use natural, plant-based ingredients that are beneficial to us and our overall health.

Your products do not contain mineral oils. Why should we avoid using mineral oils on our hair?

From research we discovered that mineral oils tend to form a film around hair strands which create a barrier that prevents moisture from being absorbed into the hair. Furthermore, mineral oils are hydrophobic (repel water) and for that reason need to be washed with a sulfate shampoo to remove the barrier, an ingredient also not included in our products.

VP Royals is inspired by the beauty rituals of your ancestors. What are your own modern beauty rituals?

Deep conditioning twice a month, having a skincare routine and maintain a healthy diet and staying hydrated by drinking enough water throughout the day, as this helps in your overall general health including your mental, physical and emotional state.

You’ve grown your customer base very quickly, including over 21,000 followers on Instagram! How have you stayed organised and level-headed throughout the rise in success?

We did a lot of research on our social media platforms in order to understand what our customers/followers wanted and like to see. We posted the authenticity of our products and hair tutorials. This allowed for people to know who vproyals are and the benefits of our products. We were consistent in keeping our page as real as possible by posting only our customers hair videos, pictures and reviews.

What are your plans for the business in 2021?

We are planning to take vproyals to the next level and make it more accessible for our customers to reach by putting our product in a suitable shop. We also want to reach many nations around the world to encourage and inspire black women to manage and embrace their natural hair. Despite the pandemic we are still pushing through and preparing for the success yet to come post lockdown.

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