Simone Powderly aka Hair is Simba!

Model, influencer, mental health activist and PAKS Ambassador, Simone Powderly reveals how best to care for your curls this winter

What are the essential products all curly girls must have? 

“The essential products for curls are conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It’s so important for curls to be hydrated and moisturised. I regularly use the Mazuri Shea Butter Naturals Co-Wash Conditioner which really seals in moisture and is so easy to comb through.”

How often should you wash and co-wash curls? 

“Wash your curls with shampoo at least once a week and co-wash every three days. Co-wash is just for the in-between days and is good because it’s softer on the hair.”

How do you tackle product build-up? 

“I have days when my curls are not looking good and it can be when I’m using my most favourite product – so this is when I definitely need to give it a thorough clean with sulphate free shampoo and a deep condition. Ensure you wash your shampoo out twice. The Mazuri Shea Butter Fresh Start Shampoo is great as it’s made from natural ingredients (sulphate and paraben free) and conditions and strengthens your hair.”


What’s the best way to get curls to hold? 

“Ensure you section your hair and apply the product to wet hair and leave it to air dry. It’s the best way my curls get definition and hold. Throughout the week I may use the Mazuri Shea Butter Naturals Leave-In Oil Moisturiser to refresh my curls. It’s made with all-natural oils and really helps to hydrate and recondition my hair while repairing damaged bonds. Another tip is to always sleep with a silk pillow and tie up hair loosely with a headwrap.”


What do you love most about the Mazuri Shea Butter Naturals range? 

“The products are so moisturising. A favourite of mine, which I use in-between my three-day wash day, is the Leave-In Oil Moisturiser. It makes my hair feel silky and soft without stripping away natural oils”.

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Main image: @alishadandy

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