Shannon Fitzsimmons

Best known as UKCurlyGirl on Instagram, the natural haircare blogger has used her platform to launch stylish satin accessories brand O So Curly...

"During my natural hair journey I came across bloggers who recommended sleeping on satin. At the time I was living outside of London and I found it difficult to get hold of a satin pillowcase. Eventually I tied a scarf around my pillow and found it made such a big difference to my hair. It was much easier to manage in the mornings with no knots or frizz to tackle. Fast forward a few years later and I found satin pillowcases on Amazon and in the hair shops, but they were very old fashioned. This gave me the idea to create a brand that was fun and protective at the same time."

Shannon Fitzsimmons

"I do think my natural hair helped me stand out as an influencer. In 2014, the natural hair market with niche, which was the reason I started blogging.There was a real need for UK-based advice. Now amazingly natural hair is accepted widely across the world and in mainstream media. We’ve come a long way. To this day it’s important for me to be authentic. I always put my followers at the forefront of what I create as I want to help them achieve healthy hair and success in their lives.

"I don’t judge women who choose to relax their hair, I’d just like them to look into the health aspect with how strong the chemicals are. They can be so dangerous and run the risk of entering the bloodstream. I’m passionate about encouraging women to wear their hair with confidence. Luckily these days there's a lot more inspo out there."

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