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Captivated by astrology at a young age, Sade the Astrology Vixen has turned her passion into a service to help others find their path in life

What led you to discover the world of astrology and how did it begin to help you in life?

I was introduced to a very basic level of astrology when I was 6 years old. My grandma always wanted to know what Mystic Meg from The Sun newspaper predicted in her daily horoscope!

When I was around the age of 19, there was a small bubble of people on Twitter that spoke about the deeper levels of astrology and how it can be used as a tool to help nurture our gifts and talents. I had my first birth chart reading at this age, and the astrologer said that I would open up a spiritual business one day. I half laughed, because I was in my first year of my sociology degree! Fast forward to now, and her prediction came to life. What I’ve now come to know as a practicing astrologer is astrology can assist you in starting to learn who you are from the soul level in order to step into true alignment.

What made you want to pursue a career in astrology?

The honest truth is that I never saw it as a “career”. I studied astrology for many years as it was a passion of mine. The turning point was seeing the transformations that were taking place after I gave readings to my friends and family and their networks; this was when I realised that this could be a possibility. The pandemic gave me a lot of thinking time regarding my purpose and mission and the legacy that I wanted to leave in the world. I’ve witnessed how healing astrology is for my clients, and I’m devoted to the practice. This cosmic tool has supported myself and

others to understand our psychological patterns so we can make more empowered choices, and live our best lives!

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Would you say that following astrology is akin to following religion or faith?

I wouldn’t say so. My personal belief is that astrology is simply a very handy guide to help us navigate life's terrain. Astrology isn’t a doctrine, it’s based on a set of principles and philosophy. In the astrology community, there are some atheist astrologers and those that believe in a “God” like myself. 

Are some astrologers more reliable than others?

There are astrologers that specialise in different areas, and who use different frameworks. It truly depends on the intent of what you would like to address. As this work can dive deep into someone’s psyche, it’s extremely important that people look for an astrologer that follows the ethics of the practice. An ethical principle from the International Society For Astrological Research is: “Support with sensitivity and respect all those who seek astrological perspective or counsel. Recognise and encourage their autonomy and support them in making their own decisions.”

As an astrologer, do you find that you become a bit of a therapist for friends and family?

Definitely! I’m a “space holder”, meaning that I’m very intentional in building a rapport with my clients that is present, safe, and free of judgment. I’m always told how peaceful my energy is (my chart is full of Pisces energy). My readings may sometimes touch on some very sensitive parts of people’s lives that they typically may be cautious of sharing with friends and family themselves. 

The foundation of your work is bridging the gap between archetypes, quantum physics and spiritual insights. Can you tell us more about how these are connected and why they are important to you?

Carl Jung’s work provided us with a groundbreaking framework of understanding the way in which we interact with our own levels of “consciousness”. He used archetypes to explain how these different levels of consciousness influence human behaviour. For example, an archetype of the zodiac sign Aries is the “warrior” Aries are known to be bold, brave and courageous. 

One of the most famous studies conducted by Thomas Young in the early 1800s which proved we live in a quantum reality is the “double slit theory” experiment. It suggests that the very act of observing a particle has a striking effect on its behaviour. This is exactly how the uses of vision boards work.

Quantum physics is understanding that we are not separate beings from the universe. The universe lives inside of us, and we are interconnected with everything and everyone. We are all dreaming up the world together. The more philosophical books you read, the more you’ll notice a pattern of the word “dream”. I believe that humanity is taking huge quantum leaps which has triggered a human psycho spiritual evolution. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch The Matrix.

Sometimes, people don’t relate to their star signs and find that their horoscopes don’t apply to them. Any tips on what to do next?

We are more than our “sun” sign. The sun sign changes every 30 days and is only one key to your birth chart. The sun sign is what you would typically read in your corner shop magazine. There are many more planets that make up your own personal astrology data. For example, your moon embodies how you process your emotions and your unconscious habits. If your moon sign is in Aries, and your sun sign is in Capricorn, you are probably oscillating between finding a balance in being free spirited and following a structured routine. 

The birth chart provides us with the precise moment that a person was born and its correlation with other heavenly bodies. To draw up your birth chart, we need to know your exact time of birth, date and location. The birth chart gifts us many clues on how to work with our natural talents and reveals our hidden gifts in order to discover our true purpose.

By studying your birth chart, you can see which limiting beliefs may be rooted in the subconscious that needs to be integrated and healed. We can't evolve if we are unaware of the blockages that are in the way.

What jumps out at you when you first look at a client’s birth chart?

I tend to look at the relationship between their sun, moon and ascendant, as well as the “houses” [segments of the zodiac] that they reside in. This information will provide us with a strong understanding regarding their motivations, their overall perspective of the world, and what shapes their reality. 

What is your response to skeptics of astrology?

Let’s start here, how can you prove or measure our intuition? This is an introspective practice, it is “real” to how true it resonates within each individual.

The mainstream resurgence of astrology has given people another “torch” to positively influence their lives. I have personally witnessed how some people are fearful of divination practices such as astrology due to generational conditioning that preaches the message that it is the “Devil’s work”.

Due to this barrier, many skeptics are way too defensive and unconsciously blocked from understanding how astrology works. I remember being at a party this year, and someone randomly asked me to look into their chart, and he was blown away at the accuracy of how well I understood him. He was a Scorpio sun, and he was completely freaked out. I always say this, if you don’t believe, perhaps book a reading and give it a go.

Can you give us three healthy spiritual habits to undertake each day?

Value living a life of simplicity. When you are in a state of “being” we’re able to listen to the messages in the wind. Immerse yourself in the present moment, the only time we have is now. Be the role model you wish you had as a kid to another child in your community.

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