Rick Roberts

The inimitable Rick Roberts has accumulated a slew of hairdressing awards. In a candid conversation, he tells us how his learning difficulties play a part in his success.

"Being dyslexic has helped me with my creative side"


The biggest highlight so far is winning the HJ British Hairdressing Awards last year. That’s the one I’ve always been working towards throughout my career, and after entering for the past seven years I felt this was the win that could open more doors.

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I’m more selective with the work I take on and I’ve learned not to expect anything. People can promise you things that don’t materialise, butyou can’t let that be a hindrance to the journey you’re on. You just have to keep pushing.

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Being dyslexic has helped me with my creative side. Rather than using words, someone can show me an image and I’m able to trace it onto hair. I’m not afraid to mention I have the condition and by making people aware of it I’ve actually grown in confidence. Writing isn’t one of my strengths, so when I’m teaching or on stage I explain things in a way that makes sense to me and hopefully that will relate to other people and those I’m teaching.

Rick Roberts hair


Dyslexia hasn’t stopped me from posting on social media and those who follow me know it’s part of who I am. Predictive text can be helpful or my wife oversees what I’ve written before it goes out, but sometimes you’re in the moment and the spelling mistakes creep in. But hey, it’s not the end of the world.

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When I talk about afro hair, I refer to it as being textured hair. It comes in so many guises that I see it as material I have to make into a style. It’s similar to fabric. You have suede, leather, velvet, PVC – and that’s how I see hair.

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