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Spell catches up with Rick Roberts, owner of Rick Roberts Salon and 2019 BHA finalist in the North Eastern and Afro hairstylist categories

Builder-turned-hairdresser Rick Roberts is based at his eponymous salon in Beverley, near Hull. A well-rounded stylist, Rick is up for two awards in the upcoming British Hairdressing Awards: North Eastern and Afro.

Rick Roberts Afro Hair

What do you like most about working with Afro hair?

Afro hair is very versatile. Other stylists might use weaves in their Afro hair work but I am trying to promote natural hair. Being from a mixed race family, it’s a part of my culture and a nice way to acknowledge that is to work with textured hair.

What’s the most highly requested look at your salon?

Because of where we’re based, only a small amount of our clientele have textured hair. However, for the clients that do, a good cut on either Afro or relaxed hair is in demand. Sometimes I feel as if the work on Afro hair out there is quite dated, so I like to try cuts that are  more up-to-date.

Tell us about raindrop colouring!

It’s a colour technique developed by Schwarzkopf. It creates the effect of raindrops in scattered or speckled colours coming through the hair. I think it would be a great look on curly hair because I can imagine the colour being distorted. It wouldn’t even need to be bright or bold colour, I would just pair two soft and natural shades together to create an almost 3D effect. The technique is very forward-thinking and it pushes the boundaries of colouring. The process looks easy, but it’s actually quite hard to pull off!

Vogue’s September issue is all about ‘forces for change’ - who are your forces for change?

For me, the biggest force for change is Michelle Obama. Her ‘Becoming’ tour sold out stadiums, which is incredible for a speaker. I also think Alicia Keys is a powerful figure for celebrating natural skin, and also Winnie Harlow for taking a positive stance on skin conditions.

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If you had an hour to style a model’s hair for African Fashion Week, what hairstyle would you send down the runway?

I wouldn’t do braids, because I feel like it’s a look that I’ve seen a lot. Instead I would create a look with loose texture, or a up-do with a big, power-ponytail. However, when I’m working on a fashion show I like to work with the clothes, so the hair really depends on the silhouette and other elements of the outfit.

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