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Jordss tells us about how she broke into the DJ circuit

Jordss (real name Jordanne McKenzie) is currently one of the most sought-after DJs on the circuit. She tells us how she broke onto the scene and what’s on her beauty rotation...

How did you get in to DJing?

I was always the person in control of the music at house parties or making mix tapes for my friends and family. I didn't know any DJs until I was at university and working in a bar; my managers were DJs and I asked them to teach me.

Did you spend a lot of money on equipment to get started?

DJ equipment is very expensive and as a student at university I didn't have the money to buy my own. I took advantage of working in a bar and I would get the keys from my manager and practice on the decks for hours every single day. I had a friend who gave me his old Gemini CDJs that are as old school as you can get. They actually made me become a better DJ as I had to learn to mix by ear and that made me appreciate Pioneers so much more.

I DJ under GCDJ (Girls Can't DJ) with the idea to make it a network of female DJs so we can take over the world

Was DJing the gateway to presenting on radio?

Most definitely. I have a show on Reprezent Radio and I am so grateful for my Reprezent family. They could have easily put me on specialist show, but after I passed my trials and interviews they said they knew I was a good DJ and they wanted to make me into a presenter. It took me a while to get my head around it because, although I am a generally chatty person, presenting a radio show is a different ball game.

What advice would you give to other female DJs trying to break into the scene?

It's still very much a male dominated industry but don't be afraid to try. Only do it because you want to DJ - not because you want followers, loads of money or to be at all the cool parties. Don't be in competition with anyone but yourself and make friends in the industry. I DJ under GCDJ (Girls Can't DJ) with the idea to make it a collective/network of female DJs so we can take over the world.

What’s on your personal playlist now?

Right now, Carnival is round the corner so I am listening to a lot of soca trying to keep up with the new 'riddims'. Not everyday jump up though, so apart from that I have Drake's Scorpion and The Internet's Hive Mind on repeat.

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