Nia the Light

We meet influencer Nia the Light, to talk about her new North London salon The Curl Bar, a safe for women with natural hair.

Your client base spans from Washington DC to Australia – how did you become so internationally renowned?

I was posting my before and afters and people were just really happy by the results that they had seen so it all grew so naturally. I was always so surprised whenever people would walk in saying they wanted to get their hair done by me from so far away.

Nia the Light - The Curl Bar

What made you pick Hornsey as the location of The Curl Bar London?

I grew up in North London but I love the whole vibe of the salon, it's super vintage and just has so much character. It was the first and only place I went to view and I just knew it was meant to be mine.

The Curl Bar London

What’s your advice for women living outside of the city who don’t have access to a local natural hair specialist?

I would say to go for consultations in the local salons just to see who makes you feel more comfortable and who is more confident on your hair type.

The Curl Bar London

Is it your goal to franchise one day?

One day! But for now I'll be devoting my time to London.

The Curl Bar London

Does social media help or hinder the natural hair community?

I think it has shed light on so many important topics. Brand listen now and pay attention to what we want. I also feel like hair brands are being more attentive to making sure they are inclusive of all textures which is very important.

The Curl Bar customer

What are your thoughts on short film Hair Love winning an Oscar this year?

I think that is amazing! I love seeing all of the amazing things Issa has done and I know she has so much to do! This movie made so many beautiful brown girls feel empowered and this is one of the most amazing things you can do.

Inside The Curl Bar London

You had relaxed hair until you were 11 – what made you switch?

I wanted to see what my curls would be like.

What’s your current haircare routine?

I'm a Wash n' Go girl! I am very thorough with my styling process to make sure my hair gets the love it deserves and my lifestyle is also super busy so if I am thorough with it then it lasts longer which I love!

The Curl Bar London welcome message

Is undergoing ‘the big chop’ the best way to go natural?

There are so many ways to go natural, but do what is best for you.

Tell us more about your new book coming out in 2020!

It's a self love journal that focuses on empowering women and sheds light on discussing topics that I have found have been so prominent in my journey.

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