Nadia Jae

DJ Nadia Jae’s career has gone from strength to strength - and now she’s taken on the weekend breakfast slot on BBC Radio 1Xtra. We catch up with her about up and coming artists, motivation and make-up free days.

How did you feel when you secured the weekend breakfast slot?

I was pinching myself after I got the news and was glad that I had a few months to prepare myself, as it took a while to sink in.

What are you bringing to the show?

Positive energy! I’m also going to be able to mix on the show,  and there’ll be lots of chit chat. We’ve also got some new features up our sleeves.

Nadia with Arnold Jorge and Big Tobz
Nadia Jae with Big Tobz and Arnold Jorge

Do you get nervous when presenting?

Any nerves usually happen when I fill in for someone else. I covered Mista Jam’s slot this summer for the first time and I was nervous about the fact that it was drive time. But half an hour into the show, I was fine. The news is also something that I get antsy about. I take it really seriously and I feel like I have to get it exactly right.

You’ve been with the network for less than a year - do you feel like your career has moved quickly in that time?

100%! The last few 1Xtra residents - Kenny Allstar, Snoochie Shy and Jeremiah Asiamah - got to the end of their residencies before being given permanent slots, whereas I had my residency and was covering Sundays at the time that I was given the weekend breakfast slot. It’s a humbling experience. I’ve been broadcasting for seven years and this feels like it has all come at once.

Nadia Jae

What has motivated you up to this point?

My family, definitely. But also my friends; they’re doing amazing things inside and outside of the industry. We all support each other.

What are your self care treats?

I spend a lot of time on the phone to my mates, I listen to music, I go for massages. Sometimes I’ll just stay in and watch Netflix all day because I feel like that rejuvenates me. It’s simple things like these that keep me sane.

What’s your go-to hair and make-up for radio?

Fenty is my favourite make-up brand, but I do try and have a make-up free day at least two or three times per week, where I just apply pure coconut oil on my skin.

I cut off my hair around six months ago and it has grown back with a tight curl pattern. I use ORS’ Anti-Breakage products and peppermint oil almost every day. Then, wig-wise, I go to my friend’s salon called The Trap House. I’ll bring in lace fronts and she’ll apply them for me.

Nadia Jae with singer Angel
With singer Angel

Favourite up and coming musicians?

I’ve played rapper Jevon’s music on my playlist a few times and I think he’s one to watch. I’m also going to get the amazing Shaé Universe on my show very soon, and I recommend listening to R&B singer Bella, who has done consistently well with her music.

What’s your fallback anthem?

I played Thong Song the other day, and that went off! I was so shocked! Apparently people still love that song. Everybody loves Friendly by J Hus - ‘fanta with no ice’ is a vibe - and I can always play Destiny’s Child.

Next month is Black History Month - who are your icons?

Issa Rae. I love her tenacity.

Nadia Jae

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