Monique Rodriguez

Drawing on her experience as the creator of a thriving hair brand, the founder of Mielle Organics is now sharing her business wisdom through the Secret Sauce Academy

It has been five years since Mielle Organics was launched. How do you feel about the success of the brand, and how does that compare with your feelings at the beginning?

As my Mielle continues to grow as a brand and the growing numbers of loyal customers, I have a sense of gratitude. My loyal customers motivate me to keep expanding and continue to provide organics ingredients. In the beginning we endure many obstacles. But with faith and consistency we were able to hurdle through those trying times.

When did you realise that Mielle Organics was a huge success?

We started with one product which our Essentials Mint Almond Oil. How I we got to this platform was with the help of my nursing background. Nursing helped fund my business. Before Mielle Organics, I was very unhappy in my field, other nurses were miserable around me and it made me miserable. From a child I knew I wanted to be in the spotlight. I faced many obstacles and spent years soul searching trying to become an entrepreneur the fast way instead of listening to what God had in-store for me. Once I gave God the wheel everything fell into place. When we received such an amazing response of our Essentials Almond Mint Oil, we had our vendor send our product to our home. As we continued to grow, so did the inventory. With a high demand of Mielle Organics, our garage was not equipped to continue to work out of. We had to find a commercial area to expand.

Knowing that Mielle Organics is a global and viral sensation, how do you keep grounded?

I am a very humbled person. I pray for discernment daily to know take anything that I have been blessed with for granted. I am just happy that God has given me this platform to share my passion with the world. I give back to my community through various of projects

Where does your motivation come from?

My motivation stems from my children. I strive for excellence so that my children are able to see themselves as entrepreneurs.

How do you help other budding entrepreneurs grow their own businesses?

I started a mentorship program early this year called The Secret Sauce Academy. My Secret Sauce Academy is an online mentorship, where I help existing or new entrepreneurs with their foundation, business proposals, resources, and simply narrowing down their ideas and finding the right audience to cater to. Also, I provide unlimited advice, resource and guiding tips to assist them in the right direction.

What do you do to stay ahead of the trends in the haircare market?

This earth has all the natural remedies that we need to withstand life. When you focus on ingredients that will aid in health and beauty it comes naturally in finding innovative ways to create and customise products for our consumers.

Monique Rodriguez

What’s your secret to keeping your own hair so long and luscious?

To maintain my lengthy hair, I consume our multi-vitamin gummies, using heat protectant hairstyles, drinking plenty of water and maintaining a healthy diet.

How do consumers figure out the right vitamins they need for their hair and skin to be healthy?

Each person's anatomy is different. Reading and understanding the ingredients and the dosage of each ingredient will guide you on the level intake you are able to consume. Our Healthy Hair Adult Vitamins recommended intake is two capsules. This will stimulate hair growth and strengthening. For skin it aids in immune support so you can feel and look great inside out.

Why is it important to use organic hair and skincare products?

Using organic products is safe for your hair and skin. Our skin is the largest organ, so we must find products that are safe, that will not cause inflammation, outbreaks, or cancer.

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