Mercedes F Benson

Influencer powerhouse and all-round girl boss

A Q&A with Mercedes F Benson - Instagram powerhouse and all-round
girl boss

A Q&A with Mercedes F Benson

You describe yourself as a ‘renaissance girl.’ What does that mean in 2019?

It’s a woman who is able to embrace how multi-talented she is and isn’t afraid to act on it. People would discourage my ability to do many things at once by saying I was a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. But I think being good at a variety of things is often better than being a master of only one.

What are your favourite aspects of being an influencer?

I’d say being a promoter for parties in London. It was doing this that enabled me to eventually become a DJ, which has been an exciting path to explore.It’s good to know that my countless hours of watching MTV has allowed me to feel excited about working in the music industry.

A Q&A with Mercedes F Benson

When it comes to social media, do you feel like you have to post responsibly given your big audience size?

My motto is purpose over popularity and I would say I remain true to my life vision. Even if I post random selfies, amongst that I hope my other pieces of content can inspire with its captions or messages. My social media tells a story about my career journey and you see the highs and lows and the quiet parts too.

I hope that I inspire other women to feel like they’re good enough to apply for the jobs that they see.

A Q&A with Mercedes F Benson

You’re a proud Londoner, what are your favourite hot spots?

Shoreditch! Even though I’m a North Londoner at heart, East has so many great bars and food spots. I also love all the intricacies of Soho. It’s so great for shopping with all the different boutiques. Hampstead Heath is another favourite spot too.

A Q&A with Mercedes F Benson

What else would you like to add to your career check list?

I’ve just set up a recruitment platform called Social Fixt. It’s for young ethnic minorities who are looking to get into the creative industry. We connect the dots by helping people break into creative fields.

To find out more join the Social Fixt Facebook Group here.

A Q&A with Mercedes F Benson

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