Maria Zimmerman

From natural remedies with cultural ties to a personal battle with depression, the founder of NaphtalyWorld reveals why she launched her own wellness brand...

My passion for wellbeing came from my mother’s side of the family. Being half Haitian, culturallywe have a deep interest in natural remedies. During my childhood I used to love going on holiday in the province Petite Rivière De l'Artibonite in Haiti, where my favourite thing to do was massage my grandma's legs and shoulders with l'huile maskriti. This amazing Haitian oil is considered the 'miracle gold liquid of the Pearl in the Caribbean'.

NaphtalyWorld oils

In my teens I became depressed and researched herbal medicine and aromatherapy. My degree in psychology also helped withthe creation of NaphtalyWorld. It set in stone skills like prioritising, problemsolving, researching and communication.

NaphtalyWorld oils and creams

My vision for the brand is to provide the highest quality of products, all 100 per cent natural, and to be a leader in spa, health and wellness field.

NaphtalyWorld Mango Butter

Travelling makes me happy, it's also a great stress reliever for me. It's a time where I get a lot of creative ideas which help me reinvent myself. I always make sure I have a notebook to journal my trips and a NaphtalyWorld candle to burn while meditating.

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My tip for improving general wellbeing is to make yourself a priority. Set aside some time for yourself to do something you enjoy such as a hobby or going on holiday. Also, sleep and eat well to boost your mood and all-round energy levels.

Visit the NaphtalyWorld website here.

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