Marcus Miller and John Patrick

The duo behind CouplePlay tell us how their family reacted to their business idea, and the taboo surrounding sex toys.

What prompted you to come up with the idea for CouplePlay?

After watching a TV show where couples described their own sex lives as predictable, we felt inspired. We noticed that the market was missing a service designed specifically to help couples improve their sex life and make things more fun. In addition to this, we were in lockdown due to covid like everyone else and one of the key trends we had noticed was that there was now a greater sense of boredom in practically every aspect of daily life, across almost every age group. Things that once excited us have now become mundane, which is why we’re striving to bring back a little bit of a spark, particularly in relationships which is an area that has notoriously suffered from the additional pressures the COVID-19 pandemic has introduced.”

We felt we could create a solution to a universal problem.

Why a subscription box? Why not just an online shop?

There are many online shops. We couldn’t compete with the major players like Love Honey or Ann Summers. The subscription sex box model allows us to build our niche and specific audience over time.


You’re both seasoned entrepreneurs - what are the most valuable lessons you’ve learned in business?

You’ve really got to understand what you’re selling and how you make money. With a lot of modern entrepreneurs they are so focused on making content for YouTube or building followers on social media that they don’t really focus on how the money is going to be made. We speak to many entrepreneurs who have spent time building their social media following for years and still haven’t made a penny! Its better to be a business with a much smaller social media following with a clear business model that makes money than have a large following but be unsure how you can monetize.

How did your families and friends respond when you told them about your business idea?

Most of our friends were excited. They themselves have experienced problems in relationships and felt there would be loads of people across the UK who would find value in a service like what we’re providing.

Both our families are very supportive of the various businesses we have done over the years. They wish us the best.


Sex toys are still seen as a taboo subject in some circles. Do you think that our society would benefit from being more open about sex?

100%. We’re getting there. I think our society has improved a lot over the last 10 years. Many still view sex as a taboo but many are also very open about sex and their sexuality. The internet has been a big help because you can do all the research within the privacy of your own space and time.

What’s the best way to introduce toys into a relationship?

The first thing is to discuss what type of things you would like to try or have tried in the past. One or both of you may have used sex toys before and so it would be good to share your personal experiences of sex toys with each other. Sex toys are all about experimenting until you find the products that you like and work for you. As a couple this is a journey you can go on.


Everybody has different preferences when it comes to toys. How do you know customers will like what they receive in their subscription boxes?

We want to stress here that our boxes are not just Sex Toys. In actual fact its plausible for someone to receive a CouplePlay box and not have a single sex toy in it. Our boxes are bespoke and made according to the sexual preferences you state when you become a subscriber. If sex toys are not your thing, your box could still consist of Lingerie and Outfits, Sex Games (dice or card games for example) Sex Accessories like Lube, Message Oils, Handcuffs, or Blindfold, and Sex Club Entry Passes.

A recent study showed that, in fact, today’s young adults are having far less sex than previous generations. Why do you think this is, and what would your advice be to those who want to break out of the funk?

Maybe the internet and the rise of porn use amongst young people. Porn gives you a sexual release so before the internet many more people would have sought that release in the form of physical sex with another human being, where as with the internet and porn websites people can watch as much sex related content they want within the privacy of their own home and in doing so, pleasure themselves.


What can new listeners expect from your Cherry on Top podcast?

Two best friends who are guys talking openly about sex. Although we run CouplePlay it is not a business show where we spend the time talking about the day to day operations of the company. Its more us talking about the latest sex related news, tips for couples to have more fun, our own personal sexual experiences and occasionally interviewing guests in relation to sex.


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