Kamilah Bartley

Black Sunrise makes satin-lined kind-to-curls accessories that won’t mess up your hair. We meet the brand’s talented creator…

By day I work as a radiographer in a London trauma hospital. In the past, I didn’t like the thought of arriving at work, removing my hat and having messy hair.

While commuting to work, I also began noticing that hardly anyone with curly hair wore a hat. It made me wonder, 'Is this because they have to choose between staying warm or looking unpresentable?' It was this thought that kickstarted the idea for Black Sunrise.

Black Sunrise visor

The reason I chose to line my hats with satin is because I want the range to be accessible to everyone. Silk as a natural material is a lot more expensive. The aim behind the brand is to provide simple luxuries for all.

Black Sunrise leopard print cap

My natural hair journey has been more about self-love and recovery of identity. I get a lot of pleasure making a product that I’d kill for myself because I know my hair really needs it. And that it makes the life of the every day natural so much easier.

Black Sunrise headbands

What's surprised me the most since going into business is the mass network of inspiring, successful black women who have already paved a lot of the way. Being around them has been a blessing and a great opportunity to learn.

Black Sunrise bobble hat

My advice to anyone who is starting a business is don’t be afraid to follow up with people. There is a lot of support out there – you just have to look in the right places. More often, people will surprise you with acts of kindness.

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