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The founder of natural afro haircare brand Nylah tells us about the power of natural ingredients and how her daughter inspired her business.

1- Nylah is inspired by your daughter - what's your history with caring for your daughter's hair, and how do you educate her on hair health?

For many women in the black community, the process of caring for our hair often cultivates fond memories of emotional nurturing, social bonding, and sharing intergenerational beauty rituals. In black culture, hair is an essential aspect of our heritage and therefore Recreating these memories with my daughter has been one of the most enriching aspects of parenting. I teach my daughter that her hair is her crown, a prominent racial signifier that she has, and is, therefore, a universal symbol of pride and culture which can be beautifully styled mesmerising diversity. I have taught my daughter to be confident and to embrace her hair she is I teach my daughter that beautiful hair is not a specific texture, length and density, but instead that natural hair builds self-confidence.

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2- You say that your daughter's eczema left her with sensitivities to many products. Which ingredients should be avoided in hair products if you have this skin conditions?

People with eczema need to be very mindful with what they are putting on their skin so they do not trigger a flare-up which may cause discomfort and further compromise the skins ability to protect against harmful bacteria. Unfortunately, some ingredients commonly included in hair care products can aggravate sensitive skins conditions and worsen eczema; this includes but is not limited to the following. Lanolin Lanolin is derived from sheep's sebum; it is included in hair care products to condition curly hair. However, research shows that allergy to Lanolin is increasing. This is especially problematic for people with eczema. Propylene glycol and National Solvents such as ethanol and propylene glycol are found in gels and other hair creams. They are used frequently as enhancing vehicles which help other ingredients (some of which may be known irritants ) to penetrate the skin and scalp better. It is best to avoid these ingredients if you have eczema. Synthetic fragrances have components which are relatively common allergens, and many patients with sensitive skin can react to them. In general, for those with eczema, synthetic fragrance should be avoided whenever possible.

3- We've seen a meteoric rise in the number of natural beauty brands in recent years. What sets Nylah apart from the others?

I'm a nerd, and when I develop an interest in something, I become obsessed and want to learn everything about it. In terms of hair care, this meant that became obsessed with the science of black hair. I read scientific journals, researched black hair growth studies, consulted with dermatologists, trichologists, and cosmetic scientists to develop my products. My research uncovered that black hair had been excluded from advancements in beauty technology. And many brands used outdated formulations or had a kitchen table approach to the formulation of hair care products. I wanted to create a healthy product line driven by innovation to bridge the market gap between Good Science and kitchen table hair care. I am proud to say that our products have been developed in partnership with a cosmetic scientist and trichologist. We only use raw materials with excellent health rating. It is this, coupled with our passion for heritage, hair and science is which sets us apart.

Kam Davis
Kam Davis

4- Nylah's Naturals prohibit the use of over 1500 harmful ingredients. Tell us more!

I consider this to be one of my brands' most positive attributes since this means that we will continue to put our customer's health and well-being at the centre of our brand growth and product innovation. It means that in partnership with our cosmetic scientist, we are at the forefront of product innovation, and we keep ourself updated with advancements in beauty technology. It means that we constantly challenge our innovations team to think outside of the box and employ a solution-focused approach to developing our range, ensuring that they meet our customers' demands and expectations. Whilst this has prolonged our development lead times, we can assure our customers that our products are healthy, safe and effective.

5- Afro-textured hair requires special care due to its unique structure. What's the secret for beautiful tresses according to Nylah?

Contrary to popular belief, healthy hair does start with product selection, healthy hair begins internally, and Diet plays a crucial role in healthy hair growth. Your hair is the second-fastestgrowing cells in your body; however, it is not a vital organ or tissue, and therefore your body will never prioritise its nutritional needs if you lack in critical vitamins and nutrients. As a result, any deficiencies will often first impact your hair's health, strength, and growth rate. To maintain healthy hair growth, it is vital to feed your body with what it needs, Protein, iron, Vitamin, omegas, vitamin c, biotin, and adequate hydration, are all essential for a healthy body and healthy hair production. Secondly, you should focus on healthy hair care selecting products that use healthy plant-based ingredients that maintain your hair strands' health, strength, and integrity. Our formulations are rooted in hair science and backed by evidence, and they are designed to meet the unique needs of Afro and curly hair types.

Kam Davis

6- How often should we really wash our hair, and what happens if we leave it too long between washes?

Afro hair is unique in its structure and requires oils and sebum to help maintain optimum moisture and hydration which needs to be balanced with a frequent washing regime to ensure that you are removing excess grease, dirt molecules and environmental aggressors, that can compromise the health of your scalp and cause the hair to break. Many factors may influence the frequency that you choose to wash your hair, and this can range from how active your lifestyle is to the length of your hair and your styling choices. As a minimum, we recommend that hair and the scalp is cleaned at least once every two weeks, with a pH balanced sulphate free shampoo. Doing so will encourage natural moisture back into your hair and help maintain and balance the acid mantle on your scalp. Our strength and Shine Shampoo Cream cleanses without stripping your hair, and its optimum pH of 5.0 keeps your scalp healthy.

7- What's the next big trend in natural beauty?

I have been screaming about scalp care for a while now, and I predict the next big thing in the natural hair care market will centre around healthy scalp care. After all, a healthy scalp is essential to healthy hair growth. At Nylah's Naturals we are currently formulating a scalp care product which will focus on maximising length retention and caring for the scalp in a way that removes scalp build-up, controls Malassezia and activates the sebaceous glands, providing a clean, pH-balanced environment for your hair to grow. For more information about our range and new Launches, be sure to sign up to our websites for exclusive access and discounts.

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