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Lisa (left) and Leida (right) created Innocent Haircare as a response to the growing need for more natural and sustainable haircare product options. Here, they share with us their eco-friendly lifestyle tips, advice on what to do with empty product packaging, and their opinion on Extinction Rebellion.

Who are the people behind Innocent Haircare?

Lisa: We started Innocent Hair care out of need. When Leida and I stopped chemically straightening our hair, we decided that we needed natural products for natural hair. And it was important to us that what we used delivered effective results. And who better to create products for natural hair than the natural hair wearers? We had already started making small changes to our lifestyles to reduce our environmental impact, like refusing plastic bags, using LED lights etc. When we created the brand it was only right that we incorporated our beliefs into it. We both graduated from university in 2015. Leida has a degree in politics and I have one in accounting and finance, so with our different backgrounds we compliment each other well.

Innocent Haircare

Why is sustainability so important to you?

Leida: Now more than ever, we are starting to wake up to the realities of the eco crisis. And it’s fair to say that most of us are willing to do the right thing and take small measures to adapt to a more balanced way of living. We need clean air, clean oceans and a nontoxic environment. And we’ll achieve that by adapting to a sustainable lifestyle.

What makes your products sustainable?

Lisa: We use natural products to produce natural products for afro hair. We also work with UK based certified suppliers to ensure our ingredients are of the utmost quality. Our packaging is made of glass that can be recycled numerous times unlike plastic which can only be recycled 2-3 times before its quality decreases.

Leida: Our jars and bottles are also great for repurposing, not only do you get amazing products for your hair, but also your next mini plant pots or mini jar lanterns. Its up to you!

Innocent Haircare

What are your future goals as a sustainable beauty brand?

Lisa: We depend on each other to make sustainable choices that’s why our future goal is to be leading afro hair care brand that inspires responsible consumption. We want to create products that leave the planet better.

What are your feelings about movements such as Extinction Rebellion?

Lisa: We understand and respect what they stand for. Although we have to make it clear that we do not agree with the founder’s remarks regarding the Holocaust. We love the group’s passion for standing up for what they believe in and wanting to educate the masses on topics such as climate change for example.

Innocent Haircare

Three tips for a more eco-friendly lifestyle?

Leida: Recycle, recycle, recycle. Carefully choose personal care products – and we're not just referring to our products, although we do highly recommend them. Opting for natural cleaning products and avoiding harsh chemicals is another easy way of adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle. We quite like Lush products.

Lisa: For us these are just some of the small ways of keeping yourself and the environment clean. A lot of things are recyclable. A few examples include batteries, paper and packaging. We are not just talking about our packaging. Before throwing anything away, take a minute to consider if it can be reused in some way instead.

Leida: Not only do LED light bulbs last longer than conventional bulbs, they are far more efficient as they use less power so you will find yourself having to replace your light bulbs less frequently. LED lights are available in a range of brightness and designs so they can be tailored per one’s desires.

What are some fun ways to re-use your glass product packaging?

Lisa: Any of our packaging can be reused to make hanging pendant lights or Mason jar backdrops. Jar luminaries can be made using the Leave-in Conditioner or Moisture Sealant jars or small plant pots. Glass jar soap dispensers can be made using the shampoo and/or conditioner bottles.

Innocent Haircare

At the moment you batch-make your products and announce restocks on Instagram. How will you be able to maintain this when your business grows?

Lisa: We are a young business that started off with one product which was the Coconut Vinegar Detangling Conditioner. Our current full range is brand new and was only launched on the 26th of October 2019, which was the day we also attended the Curly Treats event. Our Leave-in Conditioner and Moisture Sealant proved to be very popular and sold out at the event, so we referred customers to our website where it sold out too.

Leida: This was the first time we sold this range and therefore, the first time we ran out of stock. Moving forward we will continue to batch-make. You will notice that our products have batch numbers on them. However, we have stock controls in place so we do not anticipate to run out of stock as we will maintain the level of stock we now know is needed. It’s been a learning curve for us.

Are eco-friendly products really as effective as the average high street haircare range?

Lisa: Just like with food, natural is always better than processed and we swear by this.

Leida: The quality of eco-friendly products has been proven to be better than that of the high street haircare ranges. Natural haircare products deliver effective results without putting the consumer at risk (unless they are allergic to the natural ingredients in which case the risk is quite low). You also get better results and effectiveness. Natural and oleochemical ingredients are less likely to cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. With no synthetic, toxic chemicals or artificial colours, sustainable products rely on natural properties found naturally in plants.

Lisa: And there are long-term health benefits too. Although products based on petrochemicals may offer short-term results, the long-term effects can be highly toxic to humans and the environment. By opting for sustainable and eco-friendly products the consumer avoids the stress and uncertainty of toxic, synthetic products.

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