Sharing their passion for herbal remedies, we meet Herby's Paul Otote and Yemi Awopetu, co-founders of the tea brand delighting everyone’s tastebuds

“We’re really passionate about educating our tribe around the use of herbs. Each Herby tea box comes with its own mini book, which not only details the best ways to use the herbs but also includes a lot of information on the lifestyle surrounding them. We call it the Herby Week, as it's great for a week when each person has time to reset, start that workout or yoga they planned, fix their sleeping pattern and just be more present - all while enjoying a unique tea making experience.

The Herby Imm+ne Box, £29.97

“It’s true that some herbs can be more beneficial for women while others are better for men. For example, yarrow has been touted as a women's herb and has been traditionally used to help regulate menstruation and relieve menstrual cramps. Similarly, herbs such as lady’s mantle and cramp bark feature in our Hera Box because of their benefits for the female body. Meanwhile, herbs like black maca root, panax ginseng and Siberian ginseng are said to be more beneficial to men and these herbs appear in our Zuwa Box.


“The way artificial supplements are created differs to how natural supplements are made. They may have a similar structure, but it’s possible that the body can respond differently to them in terms of bioavailability and efficacy. That being said, I wouldn’t wholeheartedly rule them out as bad or good - I’d say it depends on the individual. For example, studies show the differences in absorption of some artificial nutrients, but cost may be a factor for some people. It’s better to have access to these nutrients than to not have them at all. For those who can make the choice between natural and synthetic, I’d always go for natural food-grown supplements.

“Improving our wellbeing in the pandemic has been a challenge for us all. It’s the micro habits that make a big difference to our wellbeing on a holistic level, so we always encourage the following: try to have a good sleeping routine; attempt to cook a bit more often and aim to eat more whole foods in your diet; go for walks, get fresh air and exercise outdoors. Honestly, just getting out and being in the sunlight will do you a world of good too.”

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