Eunice Asiedu

The beauty influencer tells us about her creative flair for hairstyles, and how she deals with critique online.

How do you come up with hairstyle ideas for Instagram?

Most of my hairstyles are very impromptu or inspiration from something I would have seen a while back. I also write a lot of my ideas down. In general, I just create videos that I love and it is a bonus when my audience loves it too.

Being an influencer, you’re exposed to a lot of opinions and critique. How do you keep authentic while creating content to appeal to your followers?

I welcome opinions and critiques that are constructive, but ultimately I stay true to myself. I cannot put it into so many words, but I create content that I love in a way that only I can.

Eunice Asiedu

Tell us more about your hair type and what you currently do to keep it looking on point!

I have type 4 hair. I’m just not sure where it falls in the alphabets (haha). Thank you for thinking my hair is on point; I keep my hair routine very minimal: wash, condition, deep condition. And when I am not styling it for content (which is all I do it for, because we're in a pandemic), I leave it in twists and leave it alone.

The Feme Collection Afro Puff looks great on you! Did you find them easy to install?

I love the Afro Puffs! They are so quick and easy to install!

We love the double-puff look that you created. Where would you wear this look and which outfit would you pair it with?

If outside ever opens again, I imagine I would wear that hairstyle to girly brunch with an oversized jumper dress and knee high boots.

Eunice Asiedu

You’ve also created some unique looks using the X-Pression Ultra Braid - what do you like most about it?

I love more than anything that it comes pre-stretched. It makes installing any style so much easier. I also love that it comes with two in a pack so you do not need a lot.

Which hairstyle would you try next with the Ultra Braid?

I would love to try cornrows next with the Ultra Braid!

Why would you recommend Spell Beauty as a go-to online hair destination to your followers?

Spell Beauty has a lot to offer online. From hair extensions down to body products. It's the one-stop shop for all things beauty.

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