Emma McRae

Combining her make-up skills and aromatherapy expertise, the founder of EMel talks us through her brand’s allnatural approach to brush cleansing.

For most of my career, I had been promoting other people’s products - whether it was on a make-up counter or teaching other make-up artists. But during that time, I also made my own skincare products at home, so I already had the skills and the knowledge. It was the encouragement from my friends and other make-up artists that pushed me to launch my own brand.

EMel Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleansing Soap

I started my career as a make-up artist, but I took a break and trained as an aromatherapist as a way to work while being a single mum. When I went back to make-up artistry, I didn’t want to waste the knowledge of aromatherapy and holistic therapy that I had gained. Essential oils have physical and emotional benefits, so that’s why I wanted to include them in my Make-up Brush & Sponge Cleansing Soap. It's made with a base of coconut oil infused with may chang and tea tree essential oils.

EMel Makeup Brush & Sponge Cleansing Soap

A lot of my customers are fellow beauty professionals, but then there are a few enthusiasts – people who like make-up and who follow artists who may be using the product. What I’ve found is that the average make-up wearer doesn’t clean their brushes as often as they should, or at all. So, when they see an artist cleaning their brushes, they might purchase the product and do the same. I’ve been working a lot on my product and I can't wait for everyone to see the new launches

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