Dancing is part of my self-love stratagem

Choreographer and founder of The Curve Catwalk, Trina Nicole, uses dance to spread body positivity

What made you dream up The Curve Catwalk?

It was something I created out of frustration that later turned into a passion project. The frustration came from the continuous comments like ‘you can really dance, for a big girl,’ and the fact I didn’t fit the archetype of what dancers should look like. I knew that many other women felt the same way as I did, so I set out to create something for full figured women to explore their sensuality, build their confidence and unleash their power in a safe space.

How has dancing helped you?

People always ask how I’m so confident with my body and I believe that practicing self-love plays a huge part in confidence building. Dancing is part of my self-love stratagem. It’s like my therapy; it serves as a medium for physical, mental, emotional and social development and release.

The Curve Catwalk

If you can’t dance is this class still for you?

Our classes are aimed at beginner level. We don’t focus so much on getting the moves right, we use dance and movement as a vehicle to change your mindset, self-talk and the relationship between you and your body.

And what if you’re super shy... is it still for you?

Many women arrive either being shy and/or a little nervous because they don’t know what to expect. We start the class with what we call ‘The Curve Catwalk’, which is our version of the soul train. This encourages everyone to have fun, cheer and support one another, in turn allowing them to drop potential barriers. There may be elements of the class that bring you out of your comfort zone, but that’s when the magic happens.

Trina Nicole

What more do you think can be done to improve body positivity?

I think social media has played a huge role in the visibility of body positive, but we need to see more of this in the mainstream media. Representation matters; not seeing yourself reflected whether that be in books, on TV, in films or on the runway is an issue.

Find out more about The Curve Catwalk here.

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