Chop Chop salon founder Kaye Sotomi

The new hair salon hacking away at inequality in the hair industry

Those with afro hair know all too well the difficulty of trying to find a salon where hairdressers *actually* know how to style your hair type. Pleasingly, Chop Chop is set to stamp out gender and race inequality in the hair industry. We chat to co-founder Kaye Sotomi to find out more.

Explain the concept behind Chop Chop; how does it work?

Chop Chop as a concept is about inclusion, innovation and convenience in hairstyling. It was born out of the sad realisation that 3 friends of different ethnicities cannot walk into a high-street hair salon together without one of them being turned down because of the texture of their hair.  Also, as individuals living in an ever-increasing fast pace city, the idea of sitting in a salon for 2-3hrs no longer made sense.

Tell us about treatment menu?

It’s a simple menu made up of 24 styles delivered in 20 minutes that cost no more than £20 per hair style. It’s convenient too, salon pods are located in city hot spots and there is an app where you can choose from our list of qualified and well trained stylists. It also has virtual queuing that gives customers greater control.

What does representation mean to the brand and how will it be championed?

Representation means everything to us as a brand. At Chop Chop we don’t see hair texture or gender, we just see hair - and we love all hair! We believe every brand has a moral and economic obligation to celebrate the diversity of their customers. We champion representation by offering an inclusive service menu. By adopting this same philosophy when hiring staff and by proudly celebrating diversity on our digital and media outlets.  


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