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#SpellSquad influencer Abbie Curls experiments with textures close to her own hair type

We love the versatility of your hairstyles! What’s your current go-to hair look?

My go-to hair look is a braid out high puff! I prefer braid outs over wash & go’s as I get less single strand knots, they’re easier to style and maintain throughout the week, and I get much more length retention! I love a high puff because I can still show off my curls whilst not having my hair all in my face.

You were rocking The Feme Collection Afro Puff HH in a recent Instagram post - what do you love most about this product?

I love how REAL it looks!! It matched my texture perfectly, and because it fit so well, it was not at all obvious that it was a hair piece. I also felt secure wearing it, it didn’t feel like it was going to fly off! Haha.


You also tried out the Perm Yaki Instant Pony. How did it compare to a natural ponytail?

I really enjoyed having a long ponytail that was textured and not dead straight. It looked similar to my natural blowdried hair. I love how my natural blowdried hair looks, but if I were to rock it out, it reverts and shrinks really easily. So the Perm Yaki Instant Pony solved that problem for me. I could rock a ponytail that looked similar to my natural blowdried hair - maybe a little sleeker - without having to worry about the style getting messed up! It also felt very secure like the Afro Puff.

If you had to choose between puff or pony, which would you pick and why?

I’d choose the Afro Puff as I love my natural texture and it’s very similar to my real curls. I also love the different colour options.


Which Spell Beauty product best sums up your hair personality?

I love all the different option of X-pression braiding hair you have. I love to switch up my hair look and braiding hair is the perfect way to do that! Different lengths, different colours, different styles…

What has been your biggest hair concern recently, and how have you overcome it?

I’ve not been enjoying my hair recently but I know that’s because I need a good cut! I usually trim my hair myself around every 2 months, but this time I’ve had to hold off a little longer as I’m getting my first professional hair cut! So because I’ve had to hold off, my hair is dry, it’s all different lengths and the curls aren’t popping like they usually are. I know after I’ve had it cut I’ll be back to loving it again. A trim can solve so much!


What’s your key to healthy curls?

Not doing too much. Find a nice simple routine that works for you and your hair. Take time to learn and listen to what your hair needs. Don’t be afraid to break the ‘natural hair rules’. Have fun with it!

Do you care for your hair based on the curl type system? Or have you found a unique routine that works for you?

I don’t use the curl typing system. It’s not been helpful at all to me and I don’t think your curl type is the most important thing when it comes to looking after your hair. As soon as I stopped trying to follow other people who I thought had the same curl type as me (without much success), my hair began to flourish. I experimented, went through a whole load of trial end error with different products and methods until I found what worked for me! So yes, I’ve found a unique routine that works for me. But I continue to learn my hair all the time so I’m always open to making more changes.

Your hair looks so healthy, but do you ever feel like going for the chop and starting again?

YES! EVERYDAYYY! Lol! I love short hair and I definitely want to rock a TWA one day.

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