Yomi Adegoke gets involved with female health campaign

The award-winning journalist has voiced her support for the Get Lippy campaign, which raises awareness of gynaecological cancers.


The Get Lippy campaign raises awareness of the five gynaecological cancers (womb, ovarian, cervical, vulval and vaginal) and encourages people to talk about intimate female health. Award-winning journalist Yomi Adegoke has got involved to show support.

Yomi Adegoke

She said on her Instagram page: 'It's that time of the year again folks: I'm an ambassador for gynaecological cancer charity @EveAppeal and this May, want you to join us in Getting Lippy. Help us raise funds for life-saving research into the prevention and earlier diagnosis of gynae cancers. For too long gynaecological health has been shrouded with shame and been dismissed through generations.

'We want everyone to join us this May to Get Lippy to break down the taboos around gynaecological health. This is especially true for women of colour: according to a study last year, we are less likely than white women to attend cervical cancer screenings, with four in 10 saying they would feel unsafe attending a doctor’s surgery as a result of the pandemic.

'An estimated one million women missed their cervical cancer screening during the first lockdown. Cervical cancer is often curable if it's diagnosed at an early stage which is why it's so important to go for your smear test when called for your appointment.

'Buy one of the #GetLippy participanting products (#linkinbio) and 10% will be donated to @eveappeal and aid their quest to get loud about gynae health so that everyone knows the symptoms of the five gynae cancers. Find out more on getlippy.org.uk. #GetLippy'.

The facts about gynaecological cancers

Research, carried out in April 2021 by The Eve Appeal with YouGov and launched as part of Get Lippy, shows that:

  • 23% of women and people with gynae organs have felt not listened to in medical appointments about their reproductive health
  • 5% of men have felt not listened to in medical appointments about their reproductive health
  • 35% of men and 72 % of women have had an appointment for their reproductive health

Out of those who have had an appointment for their reproductive health, after leaving they have felt:

  • 11% of men and 20% of women have felt like they were raising a trivial issue
  • 10% of men and 19% of women have felt like they weren’t listened to
  • 14% of men and 23% of women have felt like they weren’t taken seriously
  • 11% of men and 23% of women have felt disappointed in how their health concern was handled

Throughout May, The Eve Appeal are hosting their annual Get Lippy Campaign which aims to raise awareness on these shocking statistics and raise funds for ground-breaking research to prevent gynaecological cancers before they start. The campaign aims to break down taboos and shame around gynae health, to empower women to understand their bodies and to get any worrying symptoms checked at the earliest opportunity.      

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