Would You Rock The "Cleopatra Brow" Trend?

Beauty's brow obsession just got some added bling

Hair & Beauty

We have to admit, the big brow trend is getting a little tired - as our Instagram feeds display one immaculately sculpted and pencilled arch after another. Yes, it's important to brush, trim, pluck and define etc. but we were feeling like someone needed to shake things up a bit. And naturally that someone was celebrity make-up artist extraordinaire Pat McGrath, whose handywork recently popped up on Kimmy K, whose eyebrows were beautifully shaded in pure gold pigment, resulting in something that looked so fabulous and regal - fit for an Egyptian queen. Hence we've christened it, "the Cleopatra brow" and wondered why no one had thought about it before. 

It's the next logical step for the statement brow, and for that Ms McGrath, we have to salute you. If you're not about to completely cover your brows in opaque metallic paint, you can always give this trend a nod by combing a hint of gold shimmer through your brow hairs for some subtle sparkle, à la @brokegrrrl.   

You can use a gold eyeshadow (we love 'Liquid Gold' Prismatic Eyeshadow by NYX - £5.50 Cult Beauty) and apply with a dry mascara brush. Otherwise, several brands have created a 'brow mascara' specifically for this purpose. Choose from H&M's Eyebrow Mascara in Gold Dust (£6.99 H&M) or if you can wait until November, Guerlain is releasing a Gold Light Topcoat (£21) for lashes, brows and hair. Our verdict? It's a great way to lift the eye area, and just add some extra sparkle to your make-up look without looking too "art student". We couldn't think of a more perfect trend for party season.  

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