Winnie Harlow shares her hair journey

On a Paul Mitchell photo shoot, the model revealed her first experiences in the world of hair and her connection with the brand.

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Paul Mitchell’s newly appointed (and first ever!) global ambassador Winnie Harlow has been opening up about her connection to the brand and relationship with hair: “My mum was a hairdresser growing up," she says.

Winnie Harlow x Paul Mitchell
@winnieharlow: '@cesar4styles I’m really missing this pixie boo! When are we going back?!?'

"I loved seeing her transform a client’s hair, put a smile on their face and leave them happy and ready to rule the world. Partnering with an iconic brand like Paul Mitchell is close to my heart; I get to create new personas, personalities and characters with every look."

Get the look: The platinum pixie

  1. Keep your cool - Stop blonde tones from turning brassy with Platinum Blonde Shampoo + Conditioner
  2. Get a jump start - Apply Quick Slip™ on damp hair to reduce drying time
  3. The blow-by-blow - Blow-dry with an Express Ion Dry®+ while brushing hair flat + towards the face with a 427 Paddle Brush. Cesar's tip: This adds movement in a pixie cut.
  4. Handle the heat - Prep hair for heat styling with Hot Off The Press®
  5. Smooth things over - Take small sections + straighten with an Express Ion Style®+
  6. Come undone - Mist a little Spray Wax™ into your hand + tousle for piecey texture
  7. The grand finale - Define pieces around your face with a bit of Gloss Drops®
Winnie Harlow x Paul Mitchell

Winnie said on her Instagram page, 'A powerful hair style will make you feel like you can conquer the world. Words cannot describe how happy I am to be @paulmitchell’s First ever Global Ambassador🌎 With the help of Paul Mitchell and @cesar4styles I will show you how changing your hair can change your whole outlook.'

Get the look: Sleek + fierce

Ultra smooth. Super sleek. Take long hair to the limit.

  1. Wash day - Prep hair with the moisturizing goodness + refreshing scent of Awapuhi Shampoo™ + The Conditioner™.
  2. Glow up - Apply Super Skinny® Serum as a blowout primer on damp hair to speed up dry time. Cesar's tip: It’s my assistant on set to maintain that glass finish.
  3. Brush with greatness - Create a deep center part. Blow-dry with an Express Ion Dry®++ 427 Paddle Brush. Help shield against heat damage with Hot Off The Press®.
  4. So smooth - Straighten small sections with the Express Ion Smooth®+.
  5. Bring on the bling - Use a tiny bit of Gloss Drops® on the ends for that perfect polish.
  6. The finishing touch - Finish with Super Clean Spray® for long-lasting, touchable hold.
Winnie Harlow x Paul Mitchell
Celebrity stylist César DeLeön Ramîrez used Paul Mitchell's Extra Body range to amp up Winnie's beautiful curls

Get the look: Curl confidence

  1. Wash day - Prep with Extra-Body Shampoo+ Conditioner.
  2. Body-ody-ody-ody! - Mist Extra-Body Boost at roots for next-level height.
  3. Style + twirl - Apply Extra-Body Sculpting Foam® + wrap curls around finger to define.
  4. Blow everyone away! - Use a diffuser attachment and gently cradle hair while drying to keep the curl pattern intact.
  5. Spritz - Help shield against heat damage with Hot Off The Press®.
  6. Curl up - Use an Express Ion Unclipped 3-in-1 with .75”styling cone attachment + wrap hair in small sections. Clip curls until cool + brush out for softness + bounce. Finish with Extra-Body Firm Finishing Spray®.

Get the look: Iconic shag

Volume on top, straight at the bottom. Retro vibes + tons of attitude.

  1. Wash wisely - Prep with Color Protect® Shampoo + Conditioner.
  2. Set the stage - Apply Scultping Foam to damp hair for silky, frizz-free strands.
  3. Start with the bangs - Blow-dry fringe first, then the rest using an ExpressIon Dry®+ with Express Ion Round® Brush.
  4. Spritz! - Help shield against heat damage with Hot Off The Press®.
  5. Bend the rules - Wind pieces of hair around an Express Ion Style® + to add texture. Slightly bend the ends to create more body.
  6. Make it last - Lock in the look with Super Clean Extra®.

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