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We call on three hair pros, creators of these spellbinding looks, for advice on how to choose the right wig

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"If you intend or need to wear your wig daily, then you will want to choose one with higher quality hair. Even though it’s the most expensive, human hair gives you the flexibility to colour and heat style just like you would on your own hair. Lacefronts work best for special occasions. For day-to-day wear I advise wearing a closure wig with a freestyle parting. This gives you the freedom to wear a side part one day and a centre part the next." Kevin Shanti, celebrity hairstylist.

"When it comes to choosing a new wig, the same rules apply as getting a new haircut. Consider your face shape, for example: is it round or oblong? The easiest way to determine the shape of your face is to pull your hair back into a ponytail. Look in the mirror and take note of your features and what you want to accentuate or cover. Then, visit your local hair shop and try several wigs on before making a commitment." Myriam Kone owner of Mimi et Mina.

"For a natural look, choose the same shade as your natural hair or a wig within one shade. This means that the wig is more likely to suit your warm or cool colouring. When in doubt, go slightly lighter as dark colours can overwhelm the face. Use a colour chart or colour ring to match a wig to your natural colour. Before buying, do some research about the different materials wigs are made from, as well as wig caps to find the best wig for you." Andria Asare owner of Think Pretty.

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