Why you should still have a twice-daily skincare routine during lockdown

With each day blending into the next, it can be easy to forget to keep up with your skincare routine - here's why it's still important.

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As NARS Lead Artist Rachel Hardie says, 'It is super important to still have a skincare routine twice a day, even when working from home.’

But why, when we're hardly leaving the house? Well, even though you're not trying to achieve that 'summer glow' in preparation for a big party, wedding or night out, it's still important to look after your skin during lockdown for three reasons.

Firstly, you'll want to ensure that you give your skin a fighting chance for the post-lockdown era! Piling on the products two days before the last of the lockdown restrictions are lifted will likely lead to a bad reaction, and won't leave your skin enough time to recover and adjust.

Secondly, many people, regardless of how well they took care of their skin pre-lockdown, may have experienced stress and anxiety that has manifested in skin issues such as breakouts or dryness. To combat these issues, a solid skincare routine for the duration of lockdown is a must-have.

Finally, we all need a little self care during this difficult time, and taking the time out of your day to look after your skin can be part of that.

Products for your morning and evening skincare

As well as staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water, eating well and getting adequate sleep, your morning and evening skincare routine should focus on rebalancing your skin and maintaining skin health. Here are a few products to help you in your quest for amazing lockdown skin...

NARS Skin Purifying Foam Cleanser, £23


Even if you may not be wearing make-up as much as you usually might, it's still vital to cleanse your skin. A good cleanser removes excess oil produce by your skin during the day or night, sweeps away any dust or other foreign particles which have settled on the skin, and gets rid of excess product build up which hasn't absorbed from your previous skincare session.

NARS Skin Purifying Foam Cleanser, £23


If you've experienced sudden dryness during this period, you might want to up the amount of times you're exfoliating your skin per week. Choose a gentle and, if possible, natural exfoliator to ensure that those dead skin cells are successfully buffed away without inflicting unnecessary damage to the dermal layer on your face.

Africology Exfoliating Cream, £30


Hydration is important whether you've got oily, dry or combination skin. Using a serum will increase the absorption of your moisturiser or oil into your skin, leaving you with a covetable glow.

Epara Balancing Face Oil, £105

Face oil

Finish off your day and night routine with a moisturiser or face oil after your serum. As we said earlier, the serum will help lock in the moisture from your chosen hydrating product, leaving you with replenished skin 24/7.

R&R Luxury Baobab Oil, £20

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