Why we're still loco for coco

With a lighter consistency, reformed scents and advanced formulas, our favourite skin saviour cocoa butter just gets better and better

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Ah cocoa butter - the unspoken beauty antidote passed down from generation to generation. The natural wonder treats anything and everything from dry skin and hyperpigmentation to lacklustre hair and post surgery scarring. It’s probably safe to say that there once wasn’t a bathroom cabinet in the country that didn’t contain the beloved staple. Yet over the years an influx of fancier and lighter body creams began to steal the spotlight. However, 2019 is witnessing a cocoa butter comeback as brands revamp the trusty stalwart with new and exciting formulas that perform even better than ever.

AMERICAN DREAM Cocoa Butter Lotion, £12.95

The dream cream

Slightly less dense than a butter, this creamy lightweight formula sinks in rapidly so there are no white streaks on the skin or oil transferral onto clothes. Supercharged with vitamin E, the all-over body lotion is a whizz at preventing and smoothing away pregnancy stretch marks and blemishes or blitzing away even the roughest dry skin.

CM LA VIE Original Coconut Oil, £9.99

The does-it-all elixir

This carefully processed pure beauty oil has been formulated with a low aroma, so if you don’t like the smell of coconut it’s the one for you. There is no beauty need you can’t use it for. So far we’ve trialled it for removing stubborn make-up, hydrating skin and hair, replenishing our cuticles and lips with moisture and even as a shaving balm.

HELM LONDON Cocoa Butter Luxury Candle, £29
HELM LONDON Cocoa Butter Luxury Candle, £29

The calming candle

All set in the body butter department? Well, hardcore cocoa butter aficionados will obsess over this fragrant candle. A must-have for those with a sweet tooth, it fills the room with its mouthwatering aromatic scent. Light it in the kitchen to get your culinary juices flowing or place next to a hot bubble bath to help calm the mind and soul.

AS I AM DoubleButter Daily Moisturizer Cream, £11.90

The hair hydrator

Some people aren’t fans of coconut oil for their hair. But when it comes to cocoa butter, it’s a different ball game. AS I AM blends natural cocoa and shea butters to soften and smooth coils from root to tip. Added jojoba and castor oils offer even more hydration - lengthening the time in-between washes and improving manageability so styling is a total breeze.

PALMER’S Magic Foot Scrub, £3.99
PALMER’S Magic Foot Scrub, £3.99

The foot scrub

With sandal season fast approaching, your tootsies will need all the help they can get. Don’t have time for a salon pedi? Fear not, this scrub is your saviour. Its sugar granules gently remove dead skin build-up, while cocoa and shea butters restore moisture levels to leave feet baby soft. Plus, you get change left over from a fiver. All hail Palmer’s.

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