Why rose quartz is this year’s skincare must-have

Move over jade rollers, there’s a new player in town

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Skincare buffs might be familiar with jade rollers, a key part of Chinese medicine they recently caught on in the west for their complexion toning, detoxing and plumping powers. Now the current craze is for Gua Sha – another traditional Chinese practise which is about achieving a healthy glow, akin to going out for a run or having a triple-oxygen facial. And it’s commonly done with a rose quartz stone, which has a kind of heart shape that fits the hollows of your face.

Used daily with a moisturiser, serum or oil to give it some ‘slip’, the idea is you sweep it across your face in upward motions to de-puff, firm and brighten your skin – it’s also great for relieving tension and waking up a hungover complexion (oh and it looks great on The Gram too). If your complexion is suffering from work or exam stress, it’s a nifty little skin treat that’s cheaper than a fancy facial – we like to keep ours in the fridge for a little extra ‘zing factor’.


Why rose quartz? This pretty pink stone has been highly prized for centuries for its remarkable healing properties, ideal for neglected complexions in need of a little loving. It’s also über relaxing to boot (take it from us!). But if you swear by your beloved jade rollers, you can also get this stone in jade format, the stone itself linked to elimination of toxins as well as improving kidney function.

You can currently get them on Amazon for £5.99

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