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This new online platform brings together afro and curly hair specialists and hair treatments from all corners of the high street.

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The media is changing. People are becoming more aware of the euro-centric world we live in, straight hair or loose curls are still seen as ‘beautiful’, and naturally kinky or coily hair is seen as ‘messy’ or ‘unkept’. Napps is providing the change that is needed to reset the hair industry and provide inclusion for all hair types. The brand is changing hairdressing as we know it, with a new online platform that brings afro and curly hairstylists from all corners of the high street into one place, creating space for diversity and inclusion that is so lacking within the beauty industry.

Napps hair app

Rather than conforming to the current beauty standards, Napps is revolutionising the hair and beauty industry and tackling the misconceptions surrounding afro and curly hair, starting with the term ‘Nappy’.

Napps is a new narrative taken from the term ‘Nappy’, predominantly used within the Afro- Caribbean community as a derogatory term to describe untidy afro hair. Not only has ‘Nappy’ played a negative role within the community, the struggle of locating hairstylists and salons catered for Afro-Caribbean's in the UK has also played emphasis on this term, perpetuating the idea that afro hair is truly unappealing.

Napps hair app

In the UK, 4 in 5 Afro-Caribbean women are turned away from salons because of the lack of education on afro hair. Valerie Gbeke, Finance Manager and Napps focus group candidate from Southampton said, "I travel 3 hours just to get my hair done". This highlights the injustice and underrepresentation of the 3.1 million Afro-Caribbean people within the UK, and Napps is paving the way for a major industry change, unlike anyone else.

Napps hair app

Napps is a brand-new online hairdressing marketplace, combatting the lack of representation and hairstylists on the UK high street for afro and curly hair types.

Napps mobile web app gives easy access to the underrepresented Afro-Caribbean market who struggle to find hairdressers skilled in afro-textured hair types, while also empowering, celebrating and showcasing that beauty comes in all textures.

Napps hair app

Mary Cobbina, CEO and Founder of Napps says, “We can’t erase history but we can change the narrative. If it weren’t for our ancestors and hairstylists inventing creative solutions to style and maintain afro-textured hair, we wouldn’t have any of these amazing innovative hairstyles that are currently trending in pop culture today, each hairstyle has a story, and the versatility and uniqueness of afro-textured hair should be celebrated. Napps is our new narrative of pride, beauty and empowerment”.

Napps hair app

Napps BETA mobile web app is available at www.nappsworld.app, offering a wide range of hairstyles and hair treatments by professional hairstylists and hair salons, all listed on the app. Users can search by hairstyle or location and get their next hairstyle or hair treatment booked, in just one tap, all in one place.

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