Why Every Perfume Addict Needs To Check Out Penhaligon’s

Reasons why this perfume house deserves your attention

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No self-respecting scent lover should go through life without taking a trip to the perfume wonderland that is Penhaligon’s. If you’re unfamiliar with this dazzling English fragrance house, let us enlighten you…  

They date back to the Victorian era 

The first ever store was opened by William Penhaligon in 1870 on London’s Jermyn Street (sadly it no longer exists). Penhaligon was a very ambitious barber who began to create scents for his customers inspired by the nearby Turkish bathhouses. The first ever scent is Hammam Bouquet, created in 1872 – which you can still buy today.

Each boutique has its own look and personality 

These stores are seriously heavenly – and require you to spend a great deal of time in them. Each one is decorated with intriguing designs (reflective of the perfume packaging) and all manner of fragrant paraphernalia. 

The apothecary style bottles are stunning 

Although the many weird and wonderful scents are unique creations in themselves, all the bottles can be identified by the dapper bowtie around the stopper and the pretty marble lid. (Did someone say Pinterest?) 

Endymion’ is the sexiest men’s scent we’ve ever encountered 

Struggling to find a scent for a man in your life? Steer him towards this swoon-inducing concoction of lavender, sage and cardamom. It’s seriously addictive.

There really is something for everyone 

Whether you’re a fan of masculine scents, gin-infused numbers or fruity florals, each Penhaligon’s creation has its own character and backstory. They even offer a special “Fragrance Profiling” service to help you find your signature scent. 

The Portraits series takes inspiration from period dramas 

If you love a bit of Sunday night Jane Austen, the “Portraits” series is reminiscent of a Victorian melodrama, with each scent named after a character in this specially created “family saga”. 

These scents seriously last all day 

Penhaligon’s perfumes are certainly an investment, but boy do they have staying power. With rich ingredients and rare and precious essential oils, you’re not likely to forget you’re wearing it. (Nor will passers-by!) penhaligons.com

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