What's your 2020 hair lewk?

Life's too short to get stuck in a hair rut. Take our quiz to root out your new signature 'do and work it in the New Year!

Hair & Beauty

There’s something invigorating about changing our appearance. And when it comes to hair, well, it’s not called our crowning glory for nothing! See the New Year in with impeccable style by transforming your tresses in a way that radiates your inner beauty and reflects who you truly are. Happy hair days await!

Hair quiz

Hair Quiz - Mostly As

She bangs

You already know exactly what suits you, so your new hairstyle needs to enhance what you’ve already got. A newly updated fringe will add sass to your look while framing your face.

‘Fringes are back in a big way, but this time around they have a relaxed and unstructured feel,’ says Harry Casey, Afro specialist at Jamie Stevens Hair. ‘Think softer edges and a whispy texture combined with slightly longer length and soft waves.’

Hair Quiz - Mostly Bs

Bright idea

You’re a traditional girl at heart, but that doesn’t mean you don’t like mixing it up. Whether you like to rock your natural texture or prefer a smoother style, adding flashes of vibrant colour will perk up your look. As Anthony Grant, artistic director at Jamie Stevens, explains: 'Colour enhances the life and texture of the hair.' Worried a colour lift will compromise your natural hair? Ask your stylist to get creative with some extensions.

Drama queen

You’re experimental in life and with your hair, so there’s no better time for you to switch things up. According to award-winning afro hair specialist Junior Green, natural texture teamed with a statement cut couldn’t be cooler: ‘There’s a huge surge in clients wanting to embrace their own natural textures right now,’ he explains. ‘Opting for a dramatic haircut means you can remove any chemical processed hair - giving you the option of wearing a beautiful afro.'

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