"What's next for black make-up & beauty brands?" asks Eyrca Freemantle

Global Beauty Strategist Eryca Freemantle is hosting a free webinar for the makeup and beauty industry on the future of black beauty.

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E.A.T.O.W. - Embracing All Tones of Women Chairwoman Eryca Freemantle is hosting a webinar speaking on her experiences as a Global Beauty Strategist. Sponsored by TWOK London, the objective is to provide make-up artists and others in the beauty industry with the skills they need to operate successful businesses. Eryca will be interviewed by journalist Afua Adom.

Eryca Freemantle is renowned for her work in advancing the path for women of colour, and helping makeup and beauty brands to tailor their products and marketing to cater to this diverse and sizeable market. As she notes, beauty brands are still not adequately catering to women of colour even though the demand is there, and the size of that market is sustainable enough to justify the corporate investment post Covid19.

According to Eryca, there is a number of make-up and beauty brands that are still untransformed and lack diversity and inclusion. This is part of the reason Eryca has always advocated for the transformation of the make-up and beauty industry to enable women of colour to have a seat at the table.

Having gone through all this by herself throughout her 35 year career, she admits there was only a handful of brands and platforms who were willing to work with her. Eryca will be sharing her journey to date; why it is important that white brands understand the culture and the needs of black women and how she will be uniting people together by showcasing some of the world’s most successful black women on her E.A.T.O.W – BEAUTIFUL ME platform.

This extraordinary platform launches its first events in August 2020. Visit https://eatow.digitiv.site/ for more info.

Through this webinar, I want women to feel enriched, empowered and enlightened on how the makeup and beauty industry operates and how to better equip themselves for success in this industry, as a black woman.- Eryca Freemantle.

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