What’s Layage?

Is this the hottest hair trend to land in 2016?

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We were in awe over ombre and dip dye was well, to die for, but forget those because a trailblazing new colour trend has landed. It’s called Layage and we currently have a lot of lovage for it!

So what exactly is it? A term coined by the clever colour experts at Charles Worthington, layage as the name suggests involves hand painting colour onto hair on a large flat board, giving the hair a soft natural looking blended colour.

Katie Allan, Creative Manager and Colour Expert at Charles Worthington Salons, who has pioneered the technique at The House of Charles Worthington in Covent Garden explains: “The technique allows hair to achieve a natural gradient colour and can be used for ombre or natural subtle highlights - it’s so versatile!”


Layage is a much more controlled method than the traditional balayage technique. Layage allows you to see every strand of hair fluently, providing more precision and control to this colour technique.

It’s not too dissimilar from the fluid trend were saw all over social media last year only this is much more precise. As for hair types and face shapes, the great thing about it is that it’s flattering for everyone and because its so versatile you can create a really a unique look.

Have you tried it yet? If so then send us pics on twitter with the #layage. For that haven’t Layage consultations are now available at Charles Worthington Salons. Prices start from £130. 

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