What you need to know before your next wax

Whether you're a seasoned waxer or you're new to the whole hair removal thing, here are some valuable tips for your next appointment.

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As the weather heats up and we dig out our summer wardrobe, Vicki Gould, Founder of Waxing Brand Luxe Lab, provides her advice on what you need to know before your next wax...

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As soon as your wax is finished, book your next appointment. Regular waxing every 4-6weeks will make the process easier and you’ll find that, as the hair thins with regular waxing, you will be able to go longer between appointments.


3 times a week! It will make your legs feel smoother for longer.


Avoid applying any moisturiser the day of your wax

Moisturiser on the day of your wax can interfere with the waxing, meaning your therapist will have to go over hairs more than once to get a better grip.

Do not trim!

You may take the hair too short. Always leave this to the therapist and they will trim if necessary.


Avoid caffeine prior to your appointment!

It is thought that the chemicals in caffeine make you more sensitive.

Do not use Retinals or AHA’s before your treatment

These will make your skin more sensitive and could even result in layers of you skin being removed along with the hair.


Stay away from heat treatments before a wax

That includes saunas and sun beds!

Wear loose clothing

This will prevent anything rubbing on the waxed area.

Avoid heavy creams after

This will stop the pores from being clogged and rashes appearing.

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