What we learned from the Women Who Workout launch

We ask Sue Omar to share her highlights and insights from her empowering fitness event for females

‍From left to right: Sophie Grace Holmes, Lauren Mae, Sue Omar, Bee Mukendi-Edwards, Samantha Tavernier

As a true advocate of healthy living, I founded Women Who Workout, a fitness events company, to empower women to become the best version of themselves. After shedding 120-pounds the natural way, I have developed a real passion for inspiring women to feel incredible from the inside out through eating better and moving more. On Monday 3 April 2017, I invited fitness enthusiasts to gather at The Tower Hotel, overlooking the iconic London Tower Bridge, for an evening packed with inspiration.

The guest panel on the big launch night included four female fitness experts including Weight Loss YouTuber Lauren Mae, Bikini Bodybuilder Bertrand Mukendi-Edwards and personal trainers Sophie Grace Holmes and Samantha Tavernier. Each guest speaker shared their top tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as uncovering highlights from their own fitness journeys. Here are some of the best bits…

Sophie Grace Holmes @sophiegraceholmes

Sophie Grace Holmes is a personal trainer and fitness blogger who gave a talk on how to train your mind-set to reach your fitness goals. Sophie’s motivation comes from being diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and being told by doctors that she wouldn’t make it to 30 at the ages of 19. Instead of breaking down, Sophie used running and the gym as an outlet to beat her condition and make her body as strong as physically possible

Lauren Mae @loseitlikelauren 

Lauren Mae is one of my biggest weight loss inspirations. I was obsessed with Lauren’s YouTube videos, where she documented her personal journey, before embarking on my own. After losing 147 pounds naturally, Lauren experienced loose skin which she had surgically removed in a tummy tuck procedure. Lauren spoke on believing in yourself throughout the journey, as experiencing low points is inevitable so you have to constantly find new ways to stay motivated.

Samantha Tavernier @stamina4life 

Personal trainer Samantha Tavernier is also a mum, so finding balance is an important part of her lifestyle. Samantha tells all her clients that it’s important that they enjoy a full life by enjoying cheat meals from time to time, because otherwise they’ll end up on a binge. When it comes to working out, Samantha advised that even just 20 minutes of exercise a day can be effective, as long as you give it your all and “bring the energy”.

Bertrand Fitness @bertrandfitness 

Bikini bodybuilder Bertrand Mukendi-Edwards takes part in competitions throughout the year where she is put in the spotlight. When training for each event, Bertrand goes on a strict diet and training regime which includes drinking up-to 6 litres of water and spending hours in the gym. Bertrand believes that visualising her goals, organisation and meal prepping helps her stay disciplined throughout training season, so that she shines on stage.

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