What the editor is wearing

In our latest 'What the Editor is Wearing', Jemima Cousins cheats her way to a full head of curls with the new Quick Bang x Pony

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Jemima Cousins - What the Editor is Wearing
Hair by Korell Williams

The style?

Thanks to naturalistas, the curly bang and bun has become an art form. The fringe? Well, that can be any curl pattern while the bun can be any size. But, if like me, you don’t have richly defined coils, the new attachable one-piece Bang x Pony is a great bet. The hair is synthetic so then you take it out the pack you're hit by a cluster of shiny ringlets. Deconstruct the curls by finger-combing to achieve a more natural effect, and if you want, more volume.

How to wear?

Keep it simple by going for a messy cascade of curls. Wrap your pony into a loose chignon and leave a few curls out at the sides. If you're blessed with curls you can even leave a few out to hike up the authenticity.

Anything else?

The hair is made from heat resistant fibre and takes well to water-based curling products, which can be used to redefine misshapen tendrils. I'd recommend this look for occasion wear. Its fun to switch up your look once in a while, but admittedly, I'm already back to my human hair inches!

Shop the Bang x Pony range here.

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