Wear your natural hair confidently

Three tips for the self-defining act

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Image by Patricio Bike

1. Learn what works for you

Just like the time you mastered the blow-dry or nailed the perfect weave, a certain amount of study needs to be applied to caring for your natural hair. Research styling techniques and the basics to curl care. It’s no understatement when naturalistas talk about their healthy hair journey.

2. Dress to impress

If you feel that your natural hair isn’t looking on point or you’re grappling to get to grips with it, don’t fret. Shift your focus to the rest of your get-up. Wear your favourite outfit or do a full beat face - you’ll be surprised how much your natural hair can complement your new image.

3. Just do it!

Day one doesn’t have to be a big deal. If you have to nip out to the shops, take this as an opportunity to wear your hair out for the first time. This way you won’t feel under the spotlight and it will help to build up your confidence. Remember: small steps can take you a long way.

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