Want box braids in seconds?

We’ve got the answer right here…

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When you don’t want to give up your whole Saturday sitting in a jam packed salon installing your braids (who does?) then let us introduce you to the latest time saving solution to Solange-worthy hair.

All hail Sensationnel who’ve fused gorgeous hand-braided styles with an instant wig format with their Senegal Braided Lace Wigs. Oh yes, that means stepping out with all manner of braid looks, from rope style braids and maxi plaits to popular twists and locs – some that are pre-twisted – in no time at all. What’s more ponytails and updos are a cinch.

‍Senegal Box Braid 

Delivering the ultimate in fast fashion, this 11-piece collection guarantees an invisible hairline finish, without losing the authentic look and texture. So, ready to whip out?

‍Senegal Rope Braid

 See the whole collection over at Spell Beauty. From £59.99

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