Wahl's Afro Root Styler gets to the root of frizzy hair problems

Award-winning stylist and ambassador for Wahl, 5ive, explains why we need the innovative Root Styler hair tool in our lives.

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When it comes to innovative afro styling styling tools, Wahl comes up trumps every time. Their much-loved Afro Pik dryer remains a staple in households and salons up and down the land, and with the arrival of the new Afro Root Styler, our crystal ball predicts they're about to change the hair game once again.

The Afro Root Styler USP is pretty much in the name. It has been designed to smooth out kinks at the roots whilst adding volume and lift. Compared to the average straightener there's an inch (or more) gap with how close you can get to the root area, which poses a problem – especially for curly hair that's prone to reversion. With this new tool, textured and relaxed hair can be straightened with ease.


We caught up with 5ive, an award-winning afro stylist with over 20 years of experience in hairdressing to tell us more:

Why do we need the Root Styler in our lives?

Whether it be for a change from natural to straighten/pressed hair or even just to touch up in between relaxer chemical services, it’s a great way to get close to the root without any discomfort and is very easy to use.

As a hairdresser, why do you like working with the tool?

The Root Styler helps me achieve total smoothness on my client’s hair without the risk of it being uncomfortable. It’s a great way of educating clientele on how to use and maintain styles in between salon visits too.

Do users run the risk of singeing away their hairline?

No, not if used properly. The Root Styler is fitted with a temperature dial which the user can alter dependant on their hair type. For example, finer, less curly hair would require a lower temperature, whereas thicker with tighter curly hair would need a higher temperature. Reducing the risk of singeing their hair line.

What’s the secret to maintaining smooth roots?

Although in some cases it cannot be helped, avoid conditions where humidity is high and being aware of your hair type will help maintain smooth roots. If you’re unsure a visit to your local hair salon should be able to advise you accordingly.

Wahl Root Styler
Wahl Afro Root Styler, £29.99

How would a naturalista use this in their hair journey?

If a user is on a natural hair journey the Root Styler would help if they wanted to have their hair temporarily straighten. Whereas straighteners may not be able to get close to scalp, with the Root Styler this is possible as it has a heat protectant double guide comb system that provides a safe way to style your hair from the root.

When clients sit in your chair, what’s their number one hair concern, and has it changed from 20 years ago?

With style trends changing constantly there are a lot of clients now wearing and embracing their natural hair, and with that comes a lot of discussion on how to maintain and what is the best product to use on various hair types.

Do men notice reverted roots?

Yes, men whose hair is chemically straightened or men who have canerows could use the Root Styler too. Not only would this help with the overall look but it can also help with in between visits to salon as maintenance

Who’s your hair crush and why?

I don’t have one at the moment! (Sigh)

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