Viral TikTok hair trends: Do they ACTUALLY work?

From heatless sock curls to DIY home haircuts, there are many viral hair hacks on TikTok, but which ones really do the job?

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Hair and aesthetics specialists Vera Clinic analysed TikTok’s most popular hair hacks.

Heatless Curls

Heatless Curls

This first hack has gone viral on TikTok and involves a brand new method to curl your hair without heat! All you need is either a sock or a dressing gown belt. Simply twist your hair around the piece of fabric you choose. We recommend using a dressing gown belt to see the best results.

Heatless Curls

When wrapping the hair around the belt ensure that there is no hair left out. Once successfully wrapped, sleep with this in your hair overnight. When you wake up, carefully remove the belt allowing the curls to drop out. A top tip with this hack is to slowly brush out the curls to create a blended, finished curly look.

T-shirt towel

Soft + Shiny Hair

If you’re wanting soft and shiny hair but don’t want to spend money, then this simple hack may provide the results you’re looking for! The hack recommends you wash your hair normally with shampoo and rinse, however once applying conditioner wrap your hair in a damp and warm cotton t-shirt. After 30 mins, remove the t-shirt and rinse with cold water. Once dried your hair will be soft and seriously shiny.

Straightener curls

Straighteners Curling Hack

Haven’t mastered curling hair with straighteners? This hack has the solution! First, open the straightener up completely. Then, wrap your chosen strand of hair around it fully while the tool is still open. Next, wrap the bottom of your hair around the lower plate before clamping the straightener down as normal. Slowly and carefully move it down your tresses the same way you would if you were straightening, release once you've reached the end, and you’ll have curls!

DIY Haircut

This TikTok trend shows users how to cut their hair at home. Start by putting your hair in a high ponytail flipping the ponytail in front of your face. Grab some hair scissors and cut an inch from the bottom in a line as straight as possible. Take out the ponytail and this will leave you with a fresh haircut with long layers.

Sock bun

Perfect Bun Hairstyle

Mastering the perfect sleek bun hairstyle can be a challenge however with this TikTok hack has a clever solution. Simply use a sock! All you need to do is cut off the toe of a sock. Then roll the sock up inwards to create the bun hairpiece. To create the hairstyle, begin by tieing your hair in a ponytail. Thread the sock hairpiece through the ponytail and begin wrapping the hair around the sock. Once all the hair is threaded through add a hairband to keep the bun secure and in place!

DIY hair mask
@selfcarewithjoce - made with avocado, banana, egg, honey, and olive oil

Make Your Own Hair Mask

Treating your hair to a luxurious hair mask is one way to give yourself a pamper, and now you can make your very own DIY hair mask at home. The best part of it all is that it can be made with ingredients you probably already have around the house: avocado, egg, olive oil, and honey. Simply mix the ingredients together in a bowl, apply to your hair and after 30 minutes, wash out and your hair will be left soft and hydrated.

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