Trying out protective hairstyles with Joanna George

#SpellSquad influencer Joanna George test runs new protective styles and talks us through her future hairstyle ideas.

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What has changed about the way you style your hair in the last year?

I’ve definitely stepped out of my comfort zone by experimenting with more natural hairstyles. Before I would only wear my hair in a ballet bun, if I didn’t have braids in. But now I’m rocking braid outs, canerows and headwraps. I’m learning to proudly embrace my natural hair and all of its unique qualities.

Joanna George - protective styling
Boho faux locs

What did you like about wearing the latest Urban Water Wave?

It’s great to wear curls/coils whilst still protecting my hair and avoiding heat. It was my first time ever doing a crochet style, and I was thrilled with the outcome. I’ll be doing it again.

What’s your favourite protective style?

It would have to be either passion twists or Senegalese twists. They’re both styles that I think suit my personality and compliment my features. I’m just in love with how beautiful twist styles look.

Joanna George - protective styling
X-pression Ultra Braid mixed with Urban Water Wave

Any plans to switch up your look any further?

I prefer styles that don’t draw too much attention. But one trend that I would love to try out is temporarily a hair colour wax. I really miss dyeing my hair, so I’d probably go for a gorgeous copper colour.

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