Tried & tested: Transformulas’ science-powered anti-ageing skincare

Transformulas challenges the aesthetics industry with its anti-ageing formulas. We put them to the test in our latest review.

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Not so long ago, the aesthetics industry was only accessible by the rich and famous; now, however, you are likely to find these surgical and non-surgical treatments at your local beauty salon at comparatively reasonable prices. 

With it now being so easy to alter the shape or size of your facial features, obliterate wrinkles as if they never existed, and remove signs of past skin issues in one sitting, who can blame so many people for going under the knife/syringe/dermaroller? On the other hand, although these treatments can manifest instant results, there are also several downsides to the industry, such as the mental health impact, potential health risks, and the costs involved. This is what Transformulas is trying to challenge with its anti-ageing skincare (plus, its founder has a self-confessed fear of needles!). I tried out two products from their award-winning Flawless range to see if I could achieve great skin without visiting a dermatologist or aesthetician.

The packaging

I was blown away by the sleekness and beauty of the packaging. The Flawless collection features a pairing of blush pink and gold, which looks and feels expensive. The PhotoGlow SPF 30+ comes in a tall tube with a push button at the top, making it easy to dispense the product with one hand. Meanwhile, the Eye Retouch Anti-Ageing Concealer is a mascara-sized cyilnder with a robust clicker at one end and the brush at the other, concealed by a cap.

Transformulas PhotoGlow SPF 30+

PhotoGlow SPF 30+, £55

Compared to other SPFs, this is really light on the skin and absorbs well. I've used many other SPFs that sit on the surface of my skin and feel thick and uncomfortable, but this was a pleasure to wear. I like the cream formula - it's easy to apply and the pump application provides an adequate amuont of product per pump.

With the right serum, this made my skin appear glowy and dewy, without looking oily. I found that it did pill with some of my serums, so I just needed to play around until I found the right combination.

I'm not a huge fan of the scent - it's a little too floral for me - but it's not overpowering and I didn't notice it at all once I had applied make-up over the top.

Transformulas Eye Retouch

Eye Retouch, £22

As a big fan of YSL's Touche Éclat, I was excited to try a similar product that is slightly more affordable. Transformulas' Eye Retouch is definitely best for use under make-up. I used it on its own and found that it was too obvious on my skin, but it did provide good coverage with a bit of building. The shade itself is very light and I would like to see a shade available for much darker skin tones.

I found that, with several hours' wear, this did not crease into the fine lines around my eyes, even when I didn't apply a setting powder. I found the product to be very hydrating - no crusting or drying up - and my skin felt much better upon cleansing than it would have if I was wearing my usual concealer.

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