Tried & tested: Make-up remover tools

For this week's tried and tested feature, we're reviewing make-up remover pads and cloths for a clean face and better sustainability.

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Make-up - it's always fun to apply, but not so fun to take off. With many going through hundreds of make-up wipes and cotton buds and pads a year, it's no wonder why we're looking for ways to make make-up removal both easier and less time-consuming, as well as better for the environment.

Many disposable make-up removal products, especially wipes, contain microplastics - which can scratch at the surface of your skin, creating tiny abrasions and making you more susceptible to inflammation and even infection - and unwanted chemicals that can cause breakouts, dryness and other skin conditions. Also, if you're wondering why your skin never really feels that clean after using a make-up wipe, it could be because your wipes are leaving a residue behind, which sits on top of your skin and really doesn't do it any favours.

An easy alternative is to switch to reusable products, which can save millions of single-use wipes, buds and pads going to landfill or ending up in the ocean. These products are also more effective at removing your make-up, and don't contain those harsh chemicals or microplastics that we warned you about. With this in mind, we tested out the products of three brands to determine which came out on top.

Danielle Creations

Daniel Creations Erase Your Face Makeup Removing Cloths, £9.99

The first thing that struck me about these make-up removing cloths was the price point: £9.99 for four, so just under £2.50 each. If you want to really get into the nitty gritty, I've done the maths for you. The average pack of drugstore make-up wipes is between £1 to £1.50 for a pack of 25, so over a year of everyday use you'll have to buy at least 15 packs, amounting to over £15. Each of the Danielle Creations wipes can be washed 500 times, so that sums up to 2000 uses per pack. That's nearly five and a half years of make-up removal for just £9.99. Need we say more?

These cloths are uber soft and perfect for sensitive skin - that includes those with acne, dry skin and with diagnosed skin conditions such as rosacea. You don't have to use make-up remover in addition to using the cloths, which reduces the need for chemicals as well as extra packaging.

I did struggle to remove my waterproof mascara, even though the product description mentions the ability to remove waterproof products. However, it swept away the rest of my make-up just fine.

My favourite feature of these cloths is that they're quick drying thanks to the lightweight fabric, making them ideal for travelling or taking on a weekend away. There's nothing worse than having a wet face cloth in your suitcase!

Raw Beauty Lab

Raw Beauty Lab Makeup Remover Pad
Raw Beauty Lab Reusable Cleansing Pad, £11.99

I love the shape of this pad as it reminds me of a regular, single-use cotton pad, but on a larger scale and thus easier to use. It's the softest make-up remover tool that I've ever used, and it's so gentle on my skin! I actually look forward to using it to take my make-up off - yes, it makes make-up removal a pleasure.

Again, this tool requires no extra make-up remover products - just water to get rid of any residue from the day. The supersoft bristles wipe away make-up with ease, leaving my skin smoothe and refreshed without feeling like I've scrubbed away at it.

It's machine washable, but as I only run my washine machine once a week, I can only use this pad twice a week (once on each side) as I don't like to use the same reusable make-up remover tool twice without washing. There is the choice of handwashing, which I have tried several times with success, so I think this is a good alternative if you can't buy more than one pad.

Because of its double-sided pads, this tool is a little more hevyweight and therefore takes a while to dry, but if you're only using it to remove make-up once per day, it'll definitely be dry by the next time you need to use it. I love that it comes with a little ribbon loop so that it's easy to hang for drying!


UpCircle Makeup Remover Pads
UpCircle Makeup Remover Pads, £8.99

If you're accustomed to using cotton pads to remove your make-up, then these will be a familiar alternative. Each pad is slightly larger than a regular cotton pad, and they're a very smilar texture, being made with sustainable hemp (70%) and cotton (30%).

There are seven in a pack, which means that you can use one per day of the week. When you're done, simply pop them in the mesh sachet than comes with the product, and pop them in the washing machine.

You can use these with a make-up remover of your choice, just like a regular cotton pad. UpCircle also has an award-winning cleansing face balm that can be used with the wipes. I found that, with the use of a make-up remover, these pads did a better job at cleansing my make-up than the other products, as well as regular cotton pads with make-up remover. However, if you prefer to go without make-up remover, these probably aren't for you!

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