Top 7 nourishing shampoo bars

Lather up this spring with the Spell team's pick of hair-nourishing shampoo bars - better for the environment AND your hair!

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Shine Shampoo Bar, £9.50

Created by Brighton hair salon owner Jonathan Harries, Shine’s award-winning citrus scented vegan-friendly Shampoo Bar is made from 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients. It lathers up just as much as conventional shampoo - making it perfect for cleansing your hair and body in one go. What’s more, it will last up to four times longer than its liquid counterparts, meaning it’s a thrifty purchase despite its outwardly premium price tag.

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Mamado African Black Soap, £4.99

Indulgent enough for use on both the hair and skin, Mamado African Black Soap contains a special blend of natural ingredients and fortifying herbs. Its ultra-moisturising formula has been specifically designed for Afro locks, with a nurturing line-up of antioxidants and vitamins delivering nourishment with every use. Choose from ten scents to effectively cleanse, nourish, protect and refresh your hair whenever it’s needed.

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Lush Shampoo Bar £8

Rave reviews are piling in for this little bar of wonder and it isn’t hard to see why. Yes, move over plastic shampoo bottles - this economically-sized gem puts in a mighty shift. Loaded with natural ingredients to stimulate the scalp and promote healthy hair growth, it has a spicy scent to awaken the senses and lift the mind. The soap dries quickly after each use so there’s not much wastage. Follow on with a moisturising conditioner for optimum results.

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Christophe Robin Hydrating Shampoo Bar, £16

Hair colour addicts gather round: this one’s for you. Created by the eponymous A-list colourist who’s worked with the likes of Kate Moss and Uma Thurman, Christophe Robin’s Hydrating Shampoo Bar gently cleanses the hair without stripping its natural protective barrier. Its formula is great for colour-treated hair and effectively lifts away impurities, leaving it feeling silky, hydrated and ready for anything – including the paparazzi.

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Faith in Nature Shampoo Bars, £5.79

If you want silky soft hair and perfect curl formation, Faith in Nature’s super natural shampoo bar is your new cleansing hero. Its nourishing formulation has been specifically developed using a high quality shampoo base that is kinder to the scalp while its moisturising ingredients mean you’ll be able to skip your usual conditioner. Vegan, cruelty and SLS free, choose from two dreamy scents to instantly upgrade your usual routine. It’s definitely a keeper.

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Earth Kind Bergamot & Sage Shampoo Bar for Dry & Coloured Hair, £6.95

Colour-treated hair is often prone to dryness. So for a thorough clean that won’t strip away the shade or the hair’s natural moisture levels, Earth Kind has developed a conditioning bar with organic oils perfect for restoring vibrancy and gloss. Its circular shape makes it less slippery and easy to hold while its overall size means it can fit in wash bags without taking up too much space.

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Dr Bronner Almond Pure-Castile Bar Soap, £5.35

Sweeten up your daily haircare routine with Dr Bronner’s Almond Pure-Castile Bar Soap. Its delectable amaretto-scented formula is made from certified Fair Trade ingredients and organic hemp, olive and coconut oils, creating a smooth lather that won’t dry out your hair. This all-in-one product can also be used for a range of household cleaning jobs including hand-washing your best lingerie and delicates.

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