Tongue-In-Cheek Beauty Bags We Want In Our Lives

These pretty pouches are just begging to be Instagram’ed

Hair & Beauty

Jetting off on holidays or just need somewhere to store your post-gym shower essentials? Time to chuck our your floral, chintzy wash bags of old and treat yourself to something with a saucy slogan. Here are a few of our favourites. 

’99 Hair Grips’ Makeup Bag 

We love a Jay Z-inspired beauty bag, this little number is available in black or cream, and you can choose from white, black or hot pink lettering. £12


You're Like Really Pretty Make Up/Wash Bag 

Our favourite teen chick flick ‘Mean Girls’ gets a nod with this wash bag, quoting the ultimate mean girl, Regina George, when she tries to fake-flatter Lindsay Lohan’s character into hanging out with her. £9 Ebay

Resting Beach Face Slogan Make Up Bag 

If you’re planning a sunny getaway, this is the perfect travel pouch to store your SPF, body shimmer and other seaside essentials. £16


Fabulous Funny Wash Bag

If you’re after a gift for a fabulous loved one – or if you’re feeling rather fabulous yourself, this wash bag is the perfect mood-boosting storage solution. £15 Etsy


Nails Inc Make Up Bag 

Although we love a good stress-busting session on the treadmill, there are days now and again (especially at certain times of the month) when we couldn’t agree more with this cute bag’s sentiment. £12 Nails Inc

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