This pro lash brand is a secret celeb fave

Ever wondered how to get the natural, soft and fluttery lash look that you've seen on TV? The Eyelash Emporium holds all the answers...

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If you ever need to find out what kind of lashes are worn by your favourite TV and movie stars, just look to Pinewood Studios, where the likes of Star Wars, Avengers and Harry Potter were filmed.

Not only is this Buckinghamshire-based studio the location for some of the most iconic scenes in entertainment history, it’s also home to The Eyelash Emporium. 

This award-winning brand specialises in lash training and supplies, with twenty years’ experience in providing lashes to the stars and professionals in the industry. You probably haven’t heard of it unless you’re a lash technician or a celeb fan, because it’s been a bit of an industry secret until now!

The Eyelash Emporium has just launched their first range of high quality strip lashes to the public - so you can get a professional look without having to book an appointment with a technician. Their PRO Studio Strip Lashes provide a 3D look. Each variation is fluttery and layered with a soft and flexible band that is reusable for up to 20 wears. Choose from the deceivingly discrete 'Act Natural' lashes to the super glam 'Extra AF' strips (yes, we love the names).

Available for a bargain £8.95 each via The Eyelash Emporium’s website, we can’t wait to get the coveted look of the celebrities below:

Influence Laila Loves with full lash extensions
Caucasian model with pretty eyelashes
Ex love island star Gabby with a full set of eyelash extensions

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