This can-do-all product will see your complexion through the cold snap

This gorgeous green gloop will be your latest skin saviour

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With the change in seasons comes a change in our skin – having to adjust to the biting cold, interrupted sleep thanks to the freezing cold mornings; the parching effects of central heating … need we go on? Hence this weather, your skincare should be the skincare equivalent of a knitted snood and mittens. And we’ve found the perfect product to slather on, in the form of a gloriously green balm.

We do love a multi-tasker here at Spell and Moa Green Balm– made with 100% natural ingredients– is no exception. It’s got nourishing coconut and sweet almond oil, as well as soothing yarrow and anti-bacterial tea tree. It can be slathered over the skin if the weather’s exceptionally cold, or otherwise used for chapped lips, eczema, bites and grazes. You can even use it as a cleansing balm if your skin’s exceptionally dry.


Other great ways to use it? Add it to hot water and honey to solve a sore throat (but just gargle, don’t actually drink!) smooth it through your hair to revitalise dry, brittle curls and if you get any tattoos or piercings, you can dab it on the area to help the skin recover and minimise flare ups. Everyone should have a mini pot of this marvellous stuff in their handbags (and a larger one for the dressing table).

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